You and all xiaomi are now started teasing the mi a3 release date and immediately light. It’s all over twitter and they’ve started spamming. They giving some hints toward the feature and that means the next generation Mi A3 tweet smartphone is coming really soon in the month of July 2019.

mi a3 release date

In the Mi A3 light you are getting the same schematic same design language but according to some information this is coming with a different SOC RAM. In CC 9 is having the Snapdragon 710 SOC. On the other hand, redmi A3 is the getting the Snapdragon 730 SOC that’s amazing. That’s not all the mi cc 9 has the Snapdragon 665 and Mi A3 light is getting this. They’re bragging 675 the same amazing CPU used in the redmi note 7 pro.

mi a3 release date

Apart from that, there is a 6.3″ full HD+ AMOLED panel. Samsung AMOLED panel on the Mi A3. Well, there’s Hd+ Samsung’s AMOLED panel on the Mi A3 light glass panel with amazing shimmer on the Mi A3 light that’s exciting.

mi a3 release date

You are also getting the protection 4030 mAh of battery both of these phones. Finally, xiaomi has added 30 more talked Android pi over two years of major software and three years of monthly security patches.

mi a3 release date

So all in all Samsung panel sleeked priced phone with the best SOC in the price segment. Google’s stock Android that’s the dream phone. You shouldn’t wait for any as there is a downside also. You won’t get these xiaomi specific features like there won’t be any internal sound recording thing, emoji and something like the game turbo 2.0.

The camera-specific feature which changes day to night and night to day. You won’t get any advertisement. There are some compromises for sure but it’s beast without all these features. Also, xiaomi has now started official teasing that means the launch is coming really soon.

I think in this month they launched the mi A3 release date and immediately liked globally and mi a3. You pay more and get more features it is just like that. I will choose the mi A3 because of the full HD+ panel cause of the better SOC. The Snapdragon 730 SOC that’s amazing. Asus, I guess it lies in between the Snapdragon 835 and the Snapdragon 845.

Now about the pricing according to the latest suggestions, redmi will be priced almost at 16,000 Indian rupees and that makes 220 us dollars. Well on the other hand mi a3 light will be priced as low as 12,000 to 13,000 Indian rupees and that makes it 190-180 us dollars.


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