Mi Band 4 Introduction

Hey, what is up it is the week for xiaomi and these days we’re gazing the all-new sensible mi band 4. I’ve truly got the worldwide version here not too Chinese version. As you’ve got seen all told the review it truly feels like the most important upgrade since the mi band 4 and it’s price.

In the box, you will find a sensible band some instruction and a charger would USB cable to charge the mi information measure.

Mi Band 4 Specification

Mi Band 4 display

First of all, you may notice the look of the mi band 4 has slightly modified. The mi band 3 appears to possess a lot of rounder mirror face and a show is far and away. The largest visible upgrade not solely. It currently has a full AMOLED show that has accumulated size of regarding 0.2 inches. The resolution conjointly went up from 128 by 80. On the mi band three to 240 by 100 and 120 on the mi band four.

Also, the battery incorporates a slight increase from one hundred ten to 235 million power with battery life. On each the mi band three and even for being around twenty days.

Bluetooth – Mi Band 4 Price

Mi Band 4 Price

Bluetooth has been upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0. The scale and weight appear to be just about constant. The charger includes a slight amendment and also the charging pins are settled also. This charger still uses a USB connection. The mi band four has half dozen access sensors for sport and fitness training and it’s imagined to be way more correct. When trailing your activities as well as swimming the strap does not appear to own modified and it’s and feels just about constant as beneath my mi band three.

The practicality has improved slightly however in broad term, it’s still just about an equivalent. It’s got a step counter and therefore the pulse monitor for fitness functions. I’ll offer you every kind of notifications on your phone.


Mi Band 4 Price

You can see the calendar, management the music player within the phone, see incoming messages, see incoming calls, set Associate in Nursing timepiece just about all the things you’d expect. It’s also got a sleeper tracker but that means you would have to wear it when sleeping which I personally don’t find to be that comfortable.

So, let’s look at how to set it up how it is in use and how water resistant it is?

  1. you’ll need to set it up using the mi fit app in which you could log in with your xiaomi account in de I fit app.
  2. Add a new device and it will pair tab and over Bluetooth once.
  3. Once the band is set up in the mi fit you can monitor the fitness tracker.

The heart rate sensing element modification watch faces and management everything that you simply wish to try. Here we have a tendency to gonna choose a full bunch of watch faces that you’ll be able to synchronize with the watch. There is quite some cool wanting once and a full bunch of well less cool wanting. 

Once it’s Pine Tree Stationed on the xiaomi web site that they bit by bit adding additional watch race style over time that makes me hope. They’re going to add some cool wanting ones within the close to future. So, I took it with Pine Tree State for each day and it did appear to trace my step quite.

Well and also I wanted to try out it water resistant?

I would like to do this out for real and that I took it with me. Well, no issues in the slightest degree. It was really half-track the swimming excellent furthermore. Therefore currently what do I believe of the mi band 4? Well, first of all, I actually liked that it’s got a full-color show.


It’s a lot brighter that makes it a lot easier to browse and it extremely makes the mi band three looks terribly dim. It is also got a higher constituent count that makes text and graphics look a lot better. Therefore these square measure some nice improvement while not compromising battery life.

I don’t like that you just will see the particular how far better on this model. Once you hold it into lightweight a very bound angle. You’ll be able to extremely see the scale of the show and that in person would have idolized visualize. A full show as huge because of the watch itself. I did notice that it’s less visible on to Pine Tree State band three 

For example:- perhaps thanks to that thicker and spherical glass I additionally would have idolized visualize. It was compatible with recent chargers. However, they’ve modified from the mi band two to the mi band three and currently from three to further modify it once more.


Mi Band 4 Price

Also, the charger of the mi band three encompasses a wider and higher feeling cable that makes this one feel quite a bit a lot of fragile. It will provide a great deal a lot of practicality and a fitness huntsman extremely appears to own improved. I additionally reasonably would have idolized visualize NFC beat a typical on all of the mi bands. I do suppose that the new mi band encompasses a ton of enhancements. 

That makes Pine Tree State look Associate in Nursing feel a lot of like an actual smartwatch than simply a fitness huntsman. Particularly with the upper-resolution color show and in person. I notice the brightness to be one in all the most important enhancements. Therefore overall I do suppose it’s got some nice enhancements that wreak a date and night distinction with the mi band 3. 

Mi Band 4 price

Mi Band 4 Price

The global version of the mi band 4 simply got discharged in Europe for around 40 euros. However, the worth can be a bit completely different betting on that country that you just need to shop for it


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