One Plus 7 Pro Mobile Price in India

One Plus 7 Pro Price in India
One Plus 7 Pro

We have all been waiting for the one plus 7 pro mobile price in India and this is the first true-flat shape from worthless. This is the phone that packs in almost everything. we’ve always wanted in a one plus flagship. It has changed on the design front. It has a new display, it has a new camera setup, it has a bigger battery and it has new speakers. so there’s a lot of changes more. here so let’s start off with the design first.

One Plus 7 Pro Design

One Plus 7 Pro mobile price in India
One plus pro mobile design

So as you can see the nebula blue version of the one plus 7 pro mobile and when the back is still glass and it has changed much this is a beautiful looking for the matte finish. The subtle gradient and the premium finish give this phone a gorgeous look. But what’s even better is the front yes this look is amazing doesn’t it go to the notches. The one plus 7 pro mobile has a bezel-less display. Yes, there’s still a very tiny chin here but trust me when I saw that this is truly bezel-less and beautiful and hat is thanks to this pop-up camera.

This is the usual proper camera that you’ve seen in vivo phones and other phone but it seems pretty fast when it comes to popping up and the traffic. Just look at how the fast face unlocks work. Yeah, it’s very fast and worthless space and lock and this one is faster. When so far it does seem very fast.

One Plus 7 Pro mobile price in India
one plus 7 pro mobile design

If you’re wondering about the pop-up cameras durability one plus 7 pro mobile is that the pop-up camera mechanism has been tested over 300,000 times. Anyway, the size of the display is curved as we saw in the league renders and the curved edges do add a lot of personality to the phone.

I think this makes the phone look a lot like who hobbies flagship right now. All that is good but since the one plus, 7 pro mobile has a bigger battery and a bigger display. This means that it’s a slightly hefty phone. One plus 7 pro weighs in at 206g and that means it’s not a very lightweight smartphone.

One Plus 7 Pro Mobile Comparison

Comparison of the one plus 7 pro mobile with other flagships. The one plus 7 pro mobile is on the heavier side. I mean it’s not a big problem but yeah this is big and hefty. The beautiful design is complemented by this gorgeous display. The display here is one of the biggest changes in the one percent pro.

One Plus 7 Pro Screen

One Plus 7 Pro mobile price in India
One plus 7 pro mobile screen

Well, this is a 6.67-inch fluid AMOLED display and it’s the first worthless phone to pack in qhd plus dislay. So that it is sharper and definitely better looking than the display on older worthless pawn. So yeah we have been wanting a qhd+ display on a one plus flagship and we finally get but if you’re worried about battery life. There is an option here to set the resolution to auto or 1080 pixels to save up. Some battery life anyway one plus did not just stop at qhd+.

One Plus 7 Pro Display

One Plus 7 Pro mobile price in India
one plus 7 pro mobile display

The display here is called fluid ambulant because it also has a high refresh rate of 90 hertz but people are aware of the higher the refresh rate. The smoother the content will look now the 90-hertz refresh rate is not something. I can tell you this the 90’s hertz refresh it makes everything smoother. the UI, the transition everything.

To be honest, you won’t notice a huge difference straightway while just surfing through the UI. But when you switch back to 60 hertz you will realize how smooth ninety hertz makes things. Its impact is obviously more noticeable in games.

The higher refresh rate really enhances the gaming experience. It just feels smoother and looks smoother, now there is an option to set the refresh rate to the standard 60 hertz. If you want to save up some battery but I will be doing some tests to check how much of an impact kinda hertz make on battery.

One Plus 7 Pro mobile price in India
one plus 7 pro mobile display

We had a new fluid AMOLED display in the one plus 7th row is the biggest change in the phone and it shows. This display just right up there with the bed flashes and since its bezel-less playing games and watching movies is just an out of the world experience.

Now as the media experience here is better thanks to dual stereo speakers. Yes, steel speakers is another feature we’ve been wanting on one plus and it’s finally here. So there’s a speaker on the top grill and there’s a speaker on the bottom.

One Plus 7 Pro Security

About from that there’s again the optical in-display fingerprint scanner which purposes is the latest generation and it’s faster but I did not really notice a huge difference when compared to the 60 Hz but yeah I’ll be testing things out extensively in the next few days.


One Plus 7 Pro mobile price in India
one plus 7 pro mobile camera

Let’s move on the cameras on the one plus 7 pro which is another area where the new one plus flagship OS said to bring some major updates. Well, I’m hoping so because wild one plus flagships have had decent cameras. They never really married up with the flagships.

One Plus 7 Pro mobile price in India
one plus 7 pro mobile camera

So, the one plus 7 pro packs in triple camera setup with a 48 megapixel eff 1.6 sony IMX 586 primary sensors and 8 megapixels telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom support and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens. There’s the pop-up front camera it is a 16-megapixel f 2.0 camera and it takes great selfies.

I like the fact that the one plus 7 pro an ultra-wide-angle camera and a 3x optical zoom camera. But yeah the 48-megapixel primary camera hasn’t really blown my mind.

Mobile hardware

So the one plus ones I’ve always had the best hardware. Well, one percent pro is no exception the phone comes with the Snapdragon 855 chipset with up to 12 gigs of ram and after 256 gigs of storage. You were talking about ufs 3.o storage which means the one plus 7 pro is the first phone to pack in ufs 3.o storage. Now ufs 3.o means fast reading light speeds and low power consumption. So it’s way compared to phase 2.1 which is used in other phones. You have 3.o is 2x faster. so yeah it’s a good move from one plus to include ufs 3.o storage on the whole. The chipset of one plus 7 pro becomes the first smartphone back in the snapdragon a25. Well better late than never.

The benches mark scores of the one plus 7 pro are pretty impressive and better than this cause of estany which comes with eggs in Austin 98 20 chips. in my uses so far this has been super smooth and just all-around impressive. it’s been lag-free and when comes to gaming so far. These phones handle all the popular high-end games like a chat it’s just really good.

I was expecting flagships great performance from the one plus 7 pro and so far it delivers. I mean by one plus 6 is smooth and fluid to date so it’s not a surprise. Now the great performance can also be attributed to oxygen OS. Here the one pus 7 pro comes with the new oxygen os 9.5 of an at PI and it has some really cool new features. There’s a new screenshot editor which make sit easier to annotate and blur certain things in a screenshot.

There’s a new gaming mode in partnership with Fnatic which improves gaming performance bring advanced DND and a lot more. This also new Zen mode a new feature that encourages you to take a break from your phone. When the zen mode is turned on your phone becomes unavailable for 20 minutes and you can only make calls and take photos. But the favorite feature of oxygen os 9.5 is the native screen recorder. First of all, it works really well. Secondly lets you record the fools in turn and audio which is a lifesaver for us who like to record the games. Three other oxygen os 9.5 on the one plus 7 pro is great and I love the new features.

Mobile Battery

One Plus 7 Pro mobile price in India
one plus 7 pro mobile battery

The one plus 7 pro comes with a huge 4000 mAh battery. So the battery life here should be better. When it comes to charging the phone has 30 watt WAP charging from the 60 McLaren edition. So the charging should be pretty positive.

One Plus 7 Pro Mobile Price in India

We are expecting it to be around 45,000 rupees now that’s a big jump from the one plus 6T. Now I know that one plus is trying to portray the one plus 7 pro as the flagship but is the price justified. Then I’m not sure about that but one plus 7 pro mobile price in India does have a lot of new features.

The display here is the best we have seen on a one plus phone. It has faster storage a lot of RAM a triple camera setup and a bigger battery having said. That I’m not sure about its camera performance and the phone can be a little hefty for some. So if you’re wondering whether you should buy it well. I’ll suggest you wait for a full review which arrives soon so stay tuned for that.

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