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Vivo Z1 Pro >> Vivo z1 pro price in india, specification

Introduction to Vivo Z1 pro

Finally, we have the Vivo Z1 Pro phone that’s under 20,000 and at least on paper looks to be quiet. The value for money deal but is it really worth it in everyday use well. Vivo is a company that has been in India for a long time but the perception about we both changed with vivo necks. The vivo externally one the phones that really changed the face fo vivo as an innovative brand. Now vivo came out with the v Levin pro and the v 15 recently which were also quite good value for money phones.

Vivo Z1 Pro Design

Vivo Z1 Pro

The z1 pro is a typical vivo phone when it comes to design. Maybe it’s slightly wider chassis or the gradients. I can always tell a vivo phone apart the device is covered entirely with polycarbonate. The hands feel quite nice it’s big though and that is both a good and a bad thing depending on the person who’s using it.


5. Screen

This device from that I actually felt that this was too unwidely. Then again once it came to play pubg or observation picture show the dimensions felt sort of a boon. So, it will boil all the way down to personal preference.

Vivo Z1 Pro


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