Hey, what’s up guys this is someone here from the latest trend gadgets and these are 10 amazing games I play on my Samsung galaxy note 20. Do note that the games I play are my personal preference and maybe old. Plus these 10 games play amazing on note 20. Especially with that 120-hertz screen and s pen so with any for the delay start.

10 Amazing Games for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

1. Starman

10 Amazing Games for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The game sees you controlling a spaceman through a series of levels the final word aim is to gather very little lights you offer these to a little creature in a very forest World Health Organization turns them into butterflies. There is a lot of to the story than that but you are better discovering it for yourself. The levels are essentially puzzles there are switches to push levels to pull and handles to turn everything is pretty well designed and figuring out what you need to do involves some trial and error plus playing this with the s pen makes it easier and more intuitive.

2. Forgotton Anne

10 Amazing Games for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

What can I possibly say about this game other than it looks beautiful and has an amazing storyline? I mean just look at it the art the runniness everything appearance nice. Forgotten Anne could be a seamless medium journey with important storytelling and lightweight puzzle platforming you play as Anne. The assistant World Health Organization keeps so as of the forgotten lands as she sets resolute squash a rebellion that may stop her master bonku and herself from returning to the human world.

3. Apple Knight

10 Amazing Games for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Apple knight is a modern retro action platformer with tight controls fluid character movement and smooth animation. You move effortlessly through levels and this game gives you a lot of freedom from the get-go where you fight your way through hordes of evil wizards knights and creatures plus you need to activate traps to take them out from a safe distance. Overall this is a very cool retro game that you will want to play.

4. Dota Underlords

10 Amazing Games for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

We’ve all seen the rise of auto chess and dota under lords is one if not the most popular out of them. All it features heroes spells and items you’ve already seen in dota 2. So if you’re a veteran getting used to this won’t take much time plus playing this with the s pen makes it so much easier and fun.

5. Super Mario Run

10 Amazing Games for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The game itself is staggeringly simple to play you tap the screen that’s it short tabs and longer tabs are the only controls you need. They make Mario jump while everything else is handled automatically it is, in essence, an endless runner exit is not endless and Mario always doesn’t run. There is also a hell of plenty a lot of coins to be collected as a result of that is the real aim of the sport rather than merely obtaining from a to b in a very set amount of time. You are encouraged to nab as many coins on the way plus the addition of 120-hertz support makes playing this game extremely satisfying.

6. The King of Fighter ALL STAR

10 Amazing Games for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The first fighting game I ever played is the king of fighters and kof all-stars fills me up with nostalgia. Whenever I play it but aside from the characters the gameplay is different. This is a side-scrolling beat him up you start by defeating enemies on one screen then proceed to the next then the next and finally defeat a boss at the end visually. It uses a stylized art that fills the theme of kof well all the animations and movements within the levels look smooth to me and very flashy depending on the attack for fans of beat em up or king of fighters kof all-star is a fun game. It has a great combat system combined with bite-size levels to get you right into the action.

7. Shadowgun War Games

10 Amazing Games for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

If you have a 120-hertz screen on your phone and you’re not playing fps shooter then you’re missing out on a lot shadow gun legends. Here support 120-hertz displays and plays very smoothly in the game. You will need to fight against the alien invasion of the sci-fi world. You can also compete in PVP multiplayer game modes and challenge friends to modern combat in a 1v1 duel or join a team in various tactical 4v4 multiplayer games.

8. Abyssrium World

10 Amazing Games for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

This game features a panoramic view of the ocean removed from the deep ocean around the reef. Although activities like production exploration and cleanliness management you’ll be able to collect colorful ornaments and numerous ocean sea creatures. You’ll have to build and decorate your own undersea world to suit your own taste and a beautiful and expansive. The ocean ecosystem awaits you beneath the waves in the latest of esterium world tap-tap fish with pastel colors and a widescreen landscape mode the games look absolutely amazing in the note 20 ultra.

9. Stickman Revenge 4

This is the sequel to the globally successful stickman revenge series. In this new chapter of statement revenge 4, you are granted with a brand new fighting style along with unlimited upgrades and invincible skills. You can enjoy the combination of countless unique skill sets to defeat various waves of monsters and bosses in epic battles.

10. RC Soccer

This is a really good version of the rocket league but for android here you control the RC car and you need to score goals to win much like rocket league. The controls are a bit hard and you need to get used to them but after that, you will be scoring goals in no time. The cars can easily climb walls and roll itself up and will give you a boost to hit the ball at force. Overall the game plays smoothly and scoring goals feels very rewarding because of the hard controls.


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