Hey, what’s up today I got the 13-inch mi book air with a fingerprint scanner. Let’s look at how well this laptop performs compared with the 13 inch MacBook air.


In the box, you’ll find the mi book air and it’s USB C power cable and wall brick and that’s about it let’s look at the specs first:-

It’s a 13-inch portable computer and solely 14.8 millimeters tall that’s just about a stick because the 2017 MacBook air model though that one’s got a small slope creating it dilutant on the sting. The mi book does not have that slope however it’s still fairly skinny and being simply the one.3kg. It is the same weight because of the MacBook Air. I’ve gotten the i-5 model in light-weight gray with intel graphics card however there is conjointly an i-5 and i-7 model with two GB and video graphics card and people each escort lightweight or dark grayed. The i7 model even clocks in at four rates. So it is sort of vital for such an entry-level notebook. 

The mi book airs all escort 265 gigs of SSD storage eight gigs of DDR four RAM and some ports. It’s got a USB C port that is used for charging yet as knowledge transfer to USB three ports HDMI out and a 3.5-millimeter earphone jack for all of you that also want that earphone jack. They have AKG speakers and a Realtek audio interface and on the front, you will find a 1-megapixel digital camera for photos or video decisions.


So the very first thing I notice is that it feels one-hand the MacBook feels a bit slimmer as you tend to grab that. On the thinnest aspect, however, it is not that massive of a distinction. The bezels on the screen square measure extremely abundant nicer on the mi book although if you see them aspect by aspect. You’ll extremely tell the distinction scrutiny to mi book air with the MacBook Air in terms of performance. Even the i5 model that I’ve got in perform far better than the MacBook it boots up heaps faster and each the mi book and therefore the MacBook air were each contemporary move into a box here and my tests and mi reserve in regarding 0.5 the time the MacBook wants. 

Benchmarks Score

I did some benchmark tests on them and Again the mi book scored heaps higher. Within these tests that came out higher on the MacBook was the GPU because the intel graphics in the mi book don’t seem to be that spectacular. However, that ought to be higher into Nvidia models.

Windows & Language Installation

Mi Book Air

The mi book comes with windows 10 home edition and albeit. They need a world version of their mi book air most of them come with Windows ten absolutely in Chinese. The primary time employing a mi book you will have to get through the installation method and mandarin. Howeverit is not that troublesome simply click “yes yes yes” subsequently there are thanks to getting this factor in English because the home edition that ships with it do not permit. You to vary the system language in the slightest degree. Therefore, you’ll like better to absolutely install windows and exploitation of the media creation tool. You’ll transfer the license of this home edition and install a world version while not losing your license. 

Mi Book Air

However, the 2nd choice to get a license of windows 10 professional merely. Simply upgrade the license windows setting and this can conjointly permit you to upgrade the language pack. Therefore I bought the bottom windows ten professional license on-line and managed to simply transfer the language pack subsequently. Therefore once rebooting all the mandarin text all as if by magic turned to English. So was the simplest the fastest manner while not having to fully install windows.

Microsoft Tools

The mi book air comes with a collection of Microsoft workplace tools I do assume. You may get to activate these before you upgrade your windows and once upgrading it mentions that you simply didn’t have a license. Therefore probably once you add those licenses to your account before the upgrade you’ll still use it. However, it says that these square measures authorized for the house edition. therefore you bought to see that. 

Fingerprint Scanner

The mi book incorporates an intrinsic fingerprint scanner that is fast to unlock and a few folks do not trust fingerprint scanners. Therefore you’ll conjointly opt-out and simply continue employing an arcanum solely. I have to say that the fingerprint scanner is actually quick and you’ll use it with windows, hello to use that for different apps yet. 

Battery Life

I got regarding half and hours of battery life generally a bit additional. Generally bit less if you simply browse it’d be seven and a half-hour. However, it absolutely was on average. Therefore it is not the eight hours as they publicized. However, it wasn’t that dangerous either and charging over USB C is quick yet. I could not charge it over most power banks however it appears that the zimmi 20000 mah power bank could charge them. I used a ten thousand mah power bank from xiaomi. However, those may sadly not charge it.


Mi Book Air

Well, to conclude to mi book air I believe it is a pretty spectacular machine for its value. It performs higher than the MacBook air except for the graphics. However, I used to be not that affected with the one-megapixel camera. It did look a bit flat and quite wood graining particularly scrutiny that the camera from apple it is a bit lifeless. However, considering you almost certainly simply use that for a few video calls. You may optionally attach a far better digital camera it isn’t that massive of a deal the pc boots up extremely quick. It’s abundant quicker than the MacBook and for the foremost daily task. It performs well simply the issue that needs some a lot of serious process from the graphics cards do not run that well however honestly that was to be expected.

Overall I have to say that North American country to be terribly affected and it had been way more capable abundant quicker. It may issue I true I did far better than I ever expected it might. In china mi, notebook air goes for 800 u.s dollar for the entry-level i5 model. You’ll be able to realize on sites like gear best for a bit over thousand us dollar that believe it’s price considering its performance.

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