We’ve been wanting to check out the new one ui 3.0 update for quite a long time and the good news is the one ui 3.0 beta is finally available in India and I have it installed on our galaxy note 20 ultras. So what’s new what are the new options and changes let me tell you all concerning it in an exceedingly higher precise manner?

UI changes

Okay therefore here’s the galaxy note twenty immoderate running one ui 3.0 and also the galaxy S20 immoderate running one ui a pair of 2.5 and let me get this straight one ui 3.0 is not specifically a visible overhaul. However, there are some fascinating changes to UI.

One UI 3.0 Notification shades

Now the biggest change is to the notification shade this is the new notification shade and honestly, I’m not a fan of the full-page shade but it has this transparent blur background effect which I think looks cool. The solo effect is present in the quick settings too and I’ve noticed that the quick settings.

Now shows fewer toggles the date and time are in the center and the menu button and the power button have moved to the top which is hard to access, to be honest. Anyway, the settings page has been refreshed too as you can see there are updated icons and I noticed that the search in the settings is better. Now there are suggestions and light add works better even when you’re spelling something wrong just check this out see how the new search works better.

One UI 3.0 Volume Control

Another ui change I like is the new volume control UI. It’s additionally accessible as a result of it’s right aboard the degree buttons and additionally has this clear blur look that is cool currently aside from that. There are other minor UI changes here and there the recent screen is slightly tweaked. Therefore the settings pages are therefore rated all across currently take a glance at the lock screen. The clock is bolder and within the center and as you’ll see the fingerprint scanner icon has modified too.


One UI 3.0 Home screen Notification

On the one ui home screen, there are two new features that I think are very good additions. So first up you can now add widgets directly from the icons on the home screen. I can just press hold on an icon and there’s this new widget option which shows me all the different sizes and different type of widgets available for that app I can just hit add and it will be added to the empty space how cool is this.

Now another really good feature which I’ve used in a lot of other skins and it’s pretty handy is the ability to lock the phone with a double-tap on the home screen. I mean double tap to wake has been available in previous one ui versions but double-tap to unlock is new and I think very handy.

Improved Locksreen

I already talked about the ui changes on the lock screen front but there are some nice improved functionalities too. Now first of widgets are now available on the lock screen. It’s totally straightforward I will simply faucet on the enter the lock screen and as you’ll see. It demonstrated all the widgets that I even have enabled and yeah I will even visit the settings from right here and change a lot of widgets.

One UI 3.0 Wallpaper Category

Currently, this is often super straightforward and undoubtedly makes lock screen widgets a lot of helpful and there is a new digital well-being convenience too that is smart. Particularly on the lock screen, another lock screen feature recuperating is that the dynamic lock screen wallpaper feature. Thus this is the feature that changes the phone’s wallpaper automatically and now it has more categories there are plants cats other animals food desert etc all pretty valid categories you can say.

One UI 3.0 Gifs

The always-on display is improved too thus here’s the associate degreed settings page and as you’ll see there is a choice to add pictures. Moreover as gifs the always-on display. Therefore you’ll select pictures from the gallery and that they look one thing like this it’s cool and you’ll select gifs from a variety of choices. Here or you can go to Samsung’s theme stores and get some more gifs. I think it looks fun don’t worry these gifs only animate for a few seconds and then they go static.

Updated Phone & Messages

One of the cool new features in one ui 3.0 is the ability to customize the layout and background of the call screen. So the phone settings has this new call background option and as you can see it. You choose between the two layouts there is additionally the choice to line a photograph from the gallery or a video as your decision background for instance I will set this as my decision background as a result.

I mean this feature is cool any means you’ll currently edit multiple joined contacts within the phone app. In addition to deleting duplicate contacts with a lot of ease as for the messages app. It now has a new recycle bin where you’ll find all the deleted messages a very good addition I think.

Updated Camera & Gallery

One ui 3 also brings some minor improvements to the camera app. So the new camera app is said to have better autofocus and higher-order exposure. Currently, I failed to notice any distinction within the optical device. However, I did notice a quicker exposure lock and there is additionally this new lock icon showing you that the exposure has been fastened. Therefore that is smart another amendment I noticed is within the gallery app.

Thus essentially once you are piece of writing a photograph or a video there is a new revert choice that is terribly helpful. When you added something in the older one ui gallery app there’s only a reset button. So when you hit save and edit the photo again there’s no way to reset any of the changes or return to the initial enter.

With the new audio three gallery app, you’ll be able to currently edit and save a file and you’ll be able to still revert all the changes. You have got done all of them thus this can be nice as a result of in spite of what happens you’ll be able to invariably get your original icon or video back and that’s very useful.


Along with the new look notification shade, there are a couple of changes. So you can now basically choose between brief and detailed notifications. So detailed notifications look like this with more actions and this is basically the usual automaton notification and therefore the temporary notifications appear as if this that is largely simply a tiny low pop-up and one thing that has been a gift in one ui.

Therefore that is the difference and when you set the notifications to the brief. You now also get the option to set the edge lighting style and more now. Apart from that since one ui three is based on android 11 there is the notification history option which by the way is turned off by default. So make sure to enable.

Other Changes and Updates

Now in conjunction with all the options and changes, I simply talked concerning there are heaps of alternative cool stuff here and there. Therefore within the screen recorder settings, you now have an option to hide the status and navigation bar which is great because people find this handy. You’ll be able to currently set don’t disturb to figure solely in sure apps. Thus you’ll be able to set it for games in order that you simply get. The necessary notifications and calls handy one ui finder is now much better as you can see it looks better.

It now suggests apps settings pages and more some of the options and settings have modified within. The battery page superior model is currently referred to as an increased process and very I failed to notice the stripped-down battery usage aka easy lay power-saving mode in this bit.

Anyway, video enhancer is now one thing you’ll activate or off in out their apps and finally the Bixby routines app. If you care concerning it’s been revamped with a brand new look a lot of control on routines and better recommendations. Now along with these changes one ui 3 brings all of the other android 11 features like bubbles better permissions wireless android auto and more. So those are the new one ui 3.0 features and yet this is kind of an iterative upgrade that just refines things.


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