Okay, this is the amazfit bip lite and amazfit bip while both of them look similar. This bip lite is priced at just 3999 and comes with an amazing battery that lasts 45 days. But the question is bip lite worth 4000 rupees or it’s worth getting over.

Both the watches look exactly the same kind of like apple loads anyway. Here’s what I noticed after a couple of days of usage. The straps quality in the bip lite is bad it caused great annoyance on the wrist and it wasn’t the case with the original fit has a look at my wrist but the deal is it is swappable. So you can get a good strap from the amazon.


So the main selling point of the amazfit bip feature was inbuilt GPS. Most budget fitness trackers and even big-budget fitness trackers like fit bip don’t have any inbuilt GPS. It can track your path independent of your mobile phone. So when you are heading out for a run you don’t need to carry your phone. The bip track the path and feeds it to the mi fit app.

Now the bip lite doesn’t have any Gps which makes sense. it’s the lighter version it uses the Gps of your phone. The problem is the lack of reliability and accuracy. Having a look here’s the data from google maps. Next, this is from the amazfit which is roughly 10% overestimate which is fair, not bad. This is the data from a Fit bip lite which is way off and highly inaccurate but it wasn’t connected to the phone’s Gps.

This time so I connected and gave it another shot. This time it was accurate and on par with the bip. So if you don’t carry your phone accuracy is a user problem with amazfit bip lite. Lastly the bit lite lacks the other sensors like barometer and compass which is useful if you do mountain biking and hiking. I’ve been using the bip for about 3 months now and I really love the custom watch faces.

Now finally something which is better in the bip lite. The bip lite has 45 days of battery life compared to the 30 days of battery life in the bip. There are two main reasons for it, firstly the bigger 200-million pass battery and secondly, fewer senses. Since the battery doesn’t have to power the GPS compass and barometer. It can sustain longer it my testing even with heavy usage I could easily pull off the bit light for about a month. On the other hand, the bit used to last around 20 to 25 days on heavy usage.

The amazfit bip to cost around 5500 INR and the amaze fit bip lite cost around 4000 INR. The amazfit bip offers more value for money and many more features like built-in Gps custom watch faces etc. With just a 1500 price hike, I would really be recommended to buy the amazfit bip and just skip the mi sweat bip lite.

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