Okay, so apple just announced a whole bunch of new hardware including four new phones they have two iPhone 12s and two iPhone 12 pros and it’s I think the most number of phones they’ve ever put out in a single event. So it seems like the bulk of the upgrades this year are for the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini.

iphone 12

The kind of mid-range phones from apple and it’s nice to see because if you look at the iPhone 11 this is their current mid-range phone. This is the number one selling phone in the world I think they sold 37 million units of these things in the first half of this year. A lot of people have this phone. It’s clearly a very popular phone and it’s nice to see apple focus their efforts on that price category not just like the super high-end stuff that they sell not just the pro models. So iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini they start at 700 for the mini and 800 for the regular 12.

It’s a new design new shape new colors and the 12 like the regular 12 is thinner smaller and lighter than the existing iPhone 11. It’s simply a smaller package associate degree in an exceedingly new style of a kind issue. However necessary|the largest} upgrade the foremost important upgrade that we’re seeing this year is finally an OLED screen on these mid-rangers. So we have OLED displays that are brighter with higher contrast ratios better colors and higher resolution than what was on the iPhone 11.

These OLED displays are going to be in both the iPhone 12 as well as the iPhone 12 mini and I think because of these screens most people will be really satisfied with this kind of mid-tier mid-range phone from apple like that was one of the issues with the iPhone 11 right. It was a great phone a lot of stuff they did right on it but because there was such a big discrepancy between the screens between the 11 and 11 pro. It was tough for people to make that decision right like people want that better screen because you’re just looking at it all the time but because this iphone 12s have way better screens now than they used to I think it’s gonna be the phone of choice for a lot of people.

Now I want to talk about the iPhone 12 mini for a second here this can be a little} phone like. If you compared to the iphone so that was already an awfully small phone this can be even smaller like it is a mini phone. It truly is an iphone 12 mini and I’m excited about it I’m excited to see how this thing turns out the one concern I have about it is the battery life like once you have one {thing} this tiny there is solely most area you’ve got in there for a battery.

iphone 12

However, hopefully, apple provides this thing a respectable battery life other things I’m interested in number one the magnets on the back they call it MagSafe and it allows these phones to take on a whole bunch of accessories. So you have cases and chargers and wallets that can snap onto the back of your phones through a system of magnets it’s interesting but we’ll see how that plays out and number two.

This is way more important it’s that new ceramic shield in these screens. It’s tech where they’ve supposedly grown very small ceramic crystals inside the glass layer to make these screens way more durable and it supposedly has four times better drop performance than previous screens on iPhones and if you think about the number of iPhones out there with cracked screens and just damaged glass that’s a reality that’s a really nice tech to have in a smartphone

A14 Bionic cipset

We’ll see how it actually performs though now there’s other stuff they’ve improved on. So they have the new A14 Bionic chip with better GPU performance and better machine learning performance and they also have a new upgraded camera system. It’s still got two lenses but the ultrawide. Now supports low light photos which are nice to see and the software I’m sure has been improved across the whole camera system.

Now on to the iphone 12 pro and the iphone 12 pro max. So these two phones the focus seemingly is on the camera system i mean the phone has been fully refreshed. It’s a whole new shape whole new design bigger screens bigger phones. It is a very different phone from the iphone 11 pro but doesn’t seem as big of a jump as the 11 to the 12 this year.

iphone 12

The one thing that was kind of neat was that new gold color. It seems to be like the most gold phone I’ve ever seen. It actually looks like a bar of gold it’s super yellow for the people that are into that gold look but that iPhone 12 pro max with its light sensor and its improved optics is. It’s going to be something that I got to test out it looks really cool. It just makes it look like it’s shooting some high-level photography but yeah I got to see that thing with my own eyes.

Now during the presentation they talked a lot about 5g like they went ham on that thing it seems a little like over the top but at the same time, I get it like people that are buying these phones they don’t just buy them year on year right. If you’re picking up one of these phones chances are it’s gonna last several years 5g isn’t great right now. Everyone knows that but in like two-three years’ time I think 5g will be fantastic. So i feel like these phones are kind of setting them up in the right direction.

iphone 12

Other things i want to talk about they did not mention 120 hertz screens at all. It’s something that you and i probably picked up on because we’re tech enthusiasts. We care about this stuff but i think the vast majority of this world does not care at all about high refresh screens so we’ll just have to keep waiting.

Now the charger this was something that you know there were rumors in the summer that Apple wouldn’t include charges in their box and I remember thinking that. It was strange right and i was like oh that’s a little bit unfortunate but seeing that presentation the way that they address it right by not having a charger. We can make our boxes smaller and we’re removing the equivalent of like half a million cars off the road.

If you think of the environmental impact that 450 000 cars have on the planet every year. It is massive like I don’t know if the math really checks out but if that’s for real and apple’s removal of these charge bricks and earbuds have you know that type of impact. I’m all for it clearly there’s going to be people that are bothered by it and upset by it because you know you’re missing some pretty useful accessories but that’s a lot of cars off the road.


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