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ARAIG gaming vest>>Latest gaming suit

ARAIG which stand for As Real As It Gets is gaming impact vest designed to give a haptic feedback when you are in game. the basic idea of this araig gaming vest is to give you new experience of controller to the next level. when you play the game you can only shake your hand but in this araig gaming vest you can shake you whole body and feel the gaming experience in real life.

Why Araig?

ARAIG gaming vest>>Latest gaming suit

Gaming today is a two dimensional product experience is limited to sight and sound. This gaming vest is a haptic product that provides sensory stimulation taking the user in to the game whether it be sound sensations have touched the idea of impact eric will put you in to that experience.


4. ARAIG Vest Components

There are three major component to this araig gaming suit there’s the decoder, the exoskeleton and the sim skin. the decoder is the piece that attaches actually to your consoles or platform takes information then it bring that sends it to the exoskeleton. the exoskeleton is now the component that sort of has all the piece in araig that you’re wearing from the nervous system which is feedback to the control center which takes the information from the decoder as well as the power supply to make sure it’s wireless.

ARAIG gaming vest>>Latest gaming suit
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