So we are back with one more laptop review and we have with us today a recently launched business laptop from Asus and it’s the Asus expert book b9. We get a box in which we have the main laptop box and here you can see the complete model number which is the b9450f and below it we have the specifications.

So we get this box which has the laptop inside and you also get this leather finish cover for this laptop which is really good. So here we have the new Asus expert book and guys I’m really surprised how lightweight this laptop is. To be honest this is actually the lightest 14-inch laptop I have ever seen till now. We get the power adapter it’s a type c65 watt adapter. The power adapter of this laptop is also compact. You also get this rj45 adapter in the box to connect to a wired network. So that’s all we have in the box now.

Weight and Design

Asus Expert Book B9

Let’s look at the laptop closely asus expert book b9 is a compact and a lightwork machine. I find the build quality of this laptop really good and what surprises me most. Here is the weight which is just 995 grams. The body of this laptop is made up of a magnesium-lithium alloy which is lighter yet a very strong material as compared to aluminum and carbon fiber. Basically, this 14-inch laptop is fitted into a 13.3-inch laptop size and that too with less weight. And also this laptop comes with the 810g military-grade standards which make this laptop rough and tough to use it in any condition which includes extreme conditions like heat dust cold high altitude and even in high humidity condition. You don’t have to worry about the performance of this laptop.

Asus Expert Book I/O Ports

Even though this laptop is compact and lightweight there are no compromises in the I/O ports. So on the right side of the laptop, we have the status led lights headphone combo jack. One USB 3.2 generation 2 port, and the Kensington lock port on the left side of the laptop. We have two type c ports that support external display and power delivery. Then we have one HDMI port. Next to it, we have this mini USB port where you can connect the rj45 adapter for the LAN connection. The Thunderbolt 3 ports on this laptop can also be used to connect an external GPU which can convert this lightweight and compact machine into a fast workstation.

TouchPad and Keyboard

Asus Expert Book B9

Now Coming to keyboard and touchpad layout. So guys as you can see this laptop is extremely lightweight still you can open it with one hand without any struggle the laptop also has this ergo lift design which raises its base. Ss you open the lid which improves the ventilation keeping this laptop cool while working there is also one more advantage as this will give you a nice comfortable angle for typing. You can also open the lid of the laptop 180 degrees which allows you to have a better view of the display while sharing content.

Now looking at the keyboard we get the chiclet-style backlit keyboard and in this, the keycap size is 15 millimeter and the pitch is 19 millimeter which means the spacing between the keys is very good and I also like the key travel on this laptop which is at 1.5 millimeters and while typing this gives the overall smooth and a pleasant experience which is must for a business laptop. Now about the touchpad, we have a good size touchpad on this laptop but the unique thing about this touchpad is the number pad 2.0 which we have also seen in the Asus zenbook series recently and here you have this illuminated numeric keypad built into the touchpad

Fingerprint Scanner

In terms of the security features. We have the fingerprint scanner here. Next to the touchpad apart from that you also get the infrared camera that supports windows hello login. As you might have noticed that the camera of this laptop has a shutter by which you can disable the camera manually which is a good privacy feature. Now coming back to the security features. The fingerprint scanner and the windows hello login works perfectly and the face and the fingerprint recognition are pretty fast.


Asus Expert Book B9

Now talking about the display of this laptop we get the 14-inch full HD LCD display which offers 94 screens to body ratio. You get thin bezels on the sides which will give you a good experience while watching movies or showcasing presentations. Now talking more about the display we get a 100 srgb rating and the 178 degrees viewing angle. The brightness of the display is 300 nits and you also have the anti-glare coating on the display which makes it easier to use this laptop in outdoor conditions.

Asus Battery Life

We get a 66-watt hour battery in this laptop which Asus claims that it can give you close to 24 hours of backup and during our testing. We found the battery performance really good. And we were able to go through one whole day without the need for charging and our usage included. Checking social media watching videos on youtube using a Bluetooth earphone working on a word in excel and checking the mail every now and then we still had some juice left on the laptop at the end of the day.


Asus Expert Book B9

So this particular machine has the intel core i7 10 generation processor which is the 10510u. And, it’s a quad-core processor with eight threads the base frequency is 1.8 gigahertz. The max turbo frequency is 4.9 gigahertz in terms of memory. We get the 16 GB lpddr3 2133 megahertz onboard ram and about this storage. We get two m.2 slots in this laptop which can be configured up to 2 terabytes. About the performance of the hard drives, they are pretty good with some good read and write speed. I have been using this laptop daily for a few days.

Now and according to me, this laptop performed really good the display output is very good. In the keyboard, performance is also really good and yes the number pad 2.0 is also an advantage. You can also swipe down on the brightness key to quickly open the calculator and guys as it’s a business laptop. So i’m sure you’ll be curious to know about the camera and mic performance.

Asus Expert Book Connectivity

I can tell you that in this laptop the built-in coordinate mic performs really good. The camera quality is also decent which is more than enough for video calls. The audio on this laptop is powered by Harman Kardon and the built-in 2w speakers also perform well. They’re not the loudest but the clarity and the output are really good connectivity wise. We’re happy with the performance and with the dual-band wi-fi and Bluetooth 5.0. We didn’t face any issue though we were missing the LTE connectivity option on this laptop. Overall the Asus expert book b9 is a wonderful working machine that comes with a lot of security features including the trusted platform module or TPM 2.0.

Asus Expert Book Security

You also get their face login in the fingerprint scanner. The design and the build quality of this laptop are good and with a 1.5-centimeter thickness and weight which is just under one kilogram. We think that it’s the lightest and the sleekest business laptop at the moment and guys performance-wise. We didn’t face any issue with this laptop which we expected from this hardware configuration and also the battery backup is really good.

So to sum it up this laptop is a perfect combination of power packed into a sleek and light design. The expert book series from Asus is targeting business professionals who are always on the move and keeping in mind the performance. And the overall package we find the Asus expert book b9 laptop a wonderful machine.


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