Hey guys this is someone here from the latest gadgets and welcome to another article of best gaming accessories. Here we gather gaming peripherals from a certain company and see what they have to offer and this time it’s Aukey.

Aukey G12 Mechanical Keyboard

Availability for India:

First up we have the Aukey g12 mechanical keyboard. The g12 uses automobile switches which are very tactile and clicky. They also produce a significant amount of sound but personally, I like these kinds of switches and they offer really great gaming and typing experience.

The RGB keyboard has several pre-programmed lighting arrangements for fun and play that are stored in the keyboard. There’s also a light band that wraps around the base of the keyboard that adds an extra beam of light when playing for complete control over the keyboard’s lights and key assignments.

You can use Aukey’s game app coming to the build quality the construction of the keyboard is very solid. As they have used metal for the structure and in terms of gaming everything feels on point the keycaps are aligned. You can use macros and the keys have enough push back for precise movement in games all in all for 55 dollars. It is still a bargain and it offers a lot more than its competitors at this price point.

AUKEY RGB Gaming Mouse

Availability for India:

Next up we have the gm f2 gaming mouse the gm f2 gaming mouse is equally attractive and solid feeling as the f12 a little heavier than a standard wired mouse. The gm f2 feels much dirtier than I expected. It’s got two thumb buttons on the left of the mouse and two buttons below. The wheel which makes it compact and uncomplicated and as always the buttons and the led lights can be configured on the ga map.

The side buttons feel clicky and the main left and right feel very tactile with a little weight to it for more precise clicks. It’s got a 5000 dpi optical sensor with pulling weights up to 1000 hertz which by the way plays amazingly in games. Additionally, the mouse blends in perfectly with your hand and if you’ve got slightly larger hands like mine the mouse won’t feel small and uneasy to use at all

AUKEY Scarab Gaming Mouse 

AUKEY Scarab Gaming MouseĀ 

Availability for India:

but if you want a mouse that is lighter and by almost 30 grams then the Aukey. GM f3 is the one you will want to get this mouse weighs just 75 grams and offers features like RGB and button remapping as any other mouse would. It has a 7200 dpi optical sensor that has a pulling rate of thousand hertz the buttons feel tactile and satisfying to use and gaming on it is even better for the price of just 15 dollars.

I did not believe the precision I was getting on this sensor plus the lighter weight of this mouse really helps in long gaming sessions and you won’t get easily tired additionally the mouse is also very stylish with the line design going around it and is also very ergonomic so if you want a lightweight mouse that won’t break your bank this is the mouse I recommend

AUKEY RGB Gaming Extended LED Mousepad

Availability for India:

Tying all these together is the Aukey kmp6 mousepad. The kmp6 just barely fit the small disc I had which is fine that just means. It’ll fit on an average person’s desk quite well as you can probably notice. The mousepad is also RGB but what’s really interesting is that for basic color setups. You don’t need to download any kind of software to tweak it.

You can just press the button here to cycle between colors but if you want better control as always the game app is your guide. The mousepad is fairly grippy on the rear because it didn’t move once. While I was playing plus the front texture is a little silky which means that you can effortlessly glide your mouse along with the pad without using much force.

AUKEY Gaming Mouse Pad Large

AUKEY Gaming Mouse Pad Large

Availability for India:

But for people out there who just like a normal mouse pad Aukey has still got your back. It comes in three sizes plus it’s spill-resistant and easy to clean the rear is grippy as well as the front. So if you use arm movement rather than wrist movement and you use a lightweight mouse this texture will feel right at home with you.


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