Hello, their wonderful people awesome cool tech and gadget series covers useful and innovative cool tech and gadget products that are extremely useful in day-to-day life and make our life easier. So back with another interesting article where we will talk about awesome cool gadget products in the tech segment that you can buy right here.

Corsair iCUE LS100

awesome cool tech and gadget

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The LS 100 system is made up of a dongle that you plug into both your gaming PC and an outlet that dongle then has two ports into which you can plug flexible RGB lighting strips. The strips can be attached to the back of your monitor your desk or just about anywhere else you like Y are included magnetic fasteners with adhesive backing. It also comes with a controller that mums pretty much the same way and can be placed pretty much anywhere.

You just want to make sure it is close enough for you to connect it to your PC with the included USB cable these strips are controlled by the same IQ RGB software and they really look amazing when they are changing colors in perfect sync with a keyboard and mouse. The strips are flexible enough to twist horizontally however you like and the lights work just fine on the display the lighting is quite impressive and since Corsair has installed a diffuser on each lighting strip. You really don’t see the individual LEDs on each strip this means that the lighting is full and has quite a lot of coverage all in all this adds a lot of flair to your setup.

WiFi Range Extender

Awesome cool tech gadget

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Rock space AC 750 even though the Wi-Fi mesh system took over wireless extenders is still a great way for extra Wi-Fi coverage. Rock space has decided to make AC 750 Wi-Fi extender that can connect to almost any router as far as looks good. You get a small rectangular device with a robust plastic case that resembles a slightly larger smartphone charger head. The case is covered by a black matte finish and on the left and right side, there are two small antennas that can remove towards the top now for functionality. It’s got three LEDs that display various information and it’s got a WPS button for easy pairing at the bottom.

It’s got an Ethernet port and once connected the repeater can output up to 733 megabits per second as far as heating goes it got fairly warm around the body but so far it didn’t overheat. Also if you find a perfect spot to put this repeater it can easily boost your signal and provide reliable connection in any dead spots you had before. So all in all this is a decent alternative to the mesh Wi-Fi systems and will do a good job at extending. The Wi-Fi from the main router towards the areas that need it the most.

Saramonic Blink500

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This lab mic utilizes the 2.4 gigahertz signals to connect the transmitter to the receiver which means they automatically have channels to avoid static noise and audio dropouts. Plus these systems require relatively low power that results in four to six hours of uses per charge with the included USB C cables. This system includes every cable connector you need for connection to a DSLR or a phone.

While the transmitter modules have a built-in microphone. They also include level ear microphones that plug into each transmitter you also get a lightning or USB type-c connector that quickly attaches to your phone and connects wirelessly to either one or two connectors. The overall sound quality is amazing and there is no static and for the feature. It offers there is no other lab mic I’d recommend at this price point.

AUKEY Wireless Power Bank

awesome cool tech gadget

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This power bank may have rather low capacity but the charging methods that it has and what you’re able to do with it all. At once is quite incredible for its form factor and the portability that brings the charger has an 8,000 image power capacity with this was power. You’re either going to be able to charge most smartphones to full power either once or twice. The highlight of this power bank is that you’re able to charge from it using four ways there are three ports to use on this Aukey power bank.

There are two USB ports with one featuring quick charge and the other one has five volt 2.4 ampere charging speed the one other port is a USB C power delivery port with 18-watt charging speed and finally wireless charging. Overall the build quality of the power bank is great and even though it does have a small capacity. It can easily make up for it in size and ports.

Aukey Wireless charging Hub

awesome cool tech gadget

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If you purchased a new laptop in the past 2 or 3 years you’re probably well aware of the extra dongles you needed to connect to external devices. But Aukey has come up with an amazing product that will reduce the dongles you need. It’s called the wireless charging hub and it looks just like any other use we have out there but Aukey has decided to make it infinitely more useful by incorporating qi wireless charging as well. The design of the hub is pretty sleek with two USB 3.0 ports on the front which offer data transfer speeds up to five Gbps.

An HDMI port on the back which supports 4k at 30 Hertz and a USB C port for pass-through charging for your laptop. Unlike most of the cheap USB hubs out there this one’s force a premium built with weighted zinc alloy for the base and smooth AVS plastic on the top. This wireless charging hub really helps if you have a setup at home where you regularly need to unplug the laptop. As you can have everything connected to the hub and simply connect a single cable.

Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera

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This camera is a great baby as well as a security monitor it’s equipped with some and motion detection. So you can get less in time and soothe the baby to stop crying or catch a criminal. It works, either way, you can scare off intruders or have a seamless conversation with someone via a built-in microphone and speakers.

In this two-way Wi-Fi camera, it also offers cloud storage and local storage with an SD card up to 128gb. Additionally, it sports 8x digital zoom and shows everything in 1536 Bhd. Plus it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa so you can voice control.


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