Almost like clockwork Dell has another XPS 13 to show us at CES. This year and at first glance. It seems pretty similar Dell basically took a lot of the premium design elements from the XPS 13 two and one it launched in November and brought it down to the clamshell model. So as you’d expect the screens are even thinner than last year’s model there’s a 91.5% screen to body ratio.

These bezels around the sides and the top and bottom are even thinner than before and overall the whole machine just has a sleeker aesthetic to it than last year. So there’s less wasted space there’s less space between the keyboard and the actual display itself and if you didn’t like the Maglev keyboard Dell debuted in the XPS 13 tuned one you can rest easy because they actually brought back the older style from the XPS 13 so these keys have a lot of travel for something.

So thin and that’s pretty impressive and going beyond this new look under the hood it’s also running Intel’s latest-gen CPUs. It’ll be just as powerful as the XPS 13 2 and 1 and most other modern ultraportables one interesting note. Here Dell isn’t bringing over the six-core Intel chip that came over to the XPS 13 last year. If you want that more powerful chip you can still order it but you’ll be getting last year’s design of the XPS 13 and not this nice and you were more modern luck. The new XPS 13 also is the sixteen by ten display just like b2 in one and you know it’ll support Dolby Vision and HDR all the stuff we saw last year in the XPS 13 as well.

Dell Xps 13 review

So overall the new XPS 13 looks like Dell’s pretty much just refining what it’s been doing over the past few years but it’s still impressive. It’s still very light and very sleek and modern and it’s a sort of laptop that shows other Windows PC makers what is possible with Windows. Honestly, it’s tough to tell where they can go from here aside from taking away vessels completely if you don’t need Windows there’s also to be a special developer edition featuring a boon to 18.04. So that’s a nice thing to have as well you won’t have to pay extra for that licensing fee. Dell’s new XPS 13 can be available on January seventh starting at $9.99.

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