Here’s how to get a verified account on Instagram. Before applying for verification, make sure your account meets the requirements.

Step 1: Meets the Requirements for Instagram.

  • According to Instagram, your account should be authentic: means it must represent a real person or business.
  • Unique in that there will be only one verified account under your name or brand.
  • Notable, your account should represent a person or brand that is well known, highly searched, and featured in multiple news sources.

Lastly, complete, which means your account must have a bio, profile picture, at least one post, and be public.

  • To set your account as public,
  • open up Instagram and tap on the profile button.
  • Tap on the menu bar, “Settings,” >> “Privacy,” >> “Account Privacy,” and make sure “Private Account” is toggled off. If you satisfy all the requirements, you can start applying for verification.

Step 2: Fill out the InstagramVerification Application

From your settings, >>tap on “Account” and then >> “Request Verification.” Enter in your full name, what you’re known as if you go by another name for your brand, and select a category that best describes your account.

Lastly, attach a photo of an official document to verify your identity. This can be a driver’s license, passport, or a recent utility bill. When you’re ready, tap on send. It can take up to a month for Instagram to review your application. If it gets denied, you can reapply 30 days after the initial request.


  1. Interesting, thank you. I need to set up an instagram account for my business, or so my children keep telling me, but I am very social media illiterate. The esm system and the comint I understand. But anything outside of my field of expertise, not so much.

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