Hey, what’s up to its about two years ago xiaomi released this go-kart with ninebot and now they’ve released a new one the ninebot go-kart pro-Lamborghini edition in Beijing. So the Lamborghini cart is made out of a ninebot max which is used as its engine and the Lamborghini design housing.

go-kart pro

Let’s look at the specs first when mounted it is a 142 by 85 by 60 centimeters in size and weighs in at around 51 kilos. You can actually fold it for transportation though. It’s got a max payload of a hundred kilograms when mounted and it’s intended for drivers of 14 years and older. It comes with a 432 watts hour battery pack in the nine baud max which can go up to 40 kilometers per hour and three kilometers per hour when in reverse as. The go-kart can travel for around 25 kilometers but that might be a little bit less when using it at full speed it’s got four-speed modes which you can set from the steering wheel or from the ninebot app.

It does connect over Bluetooth it also has a Bluetooth speaker on the front which can play a bunch of Lamborghini sounds like the engine but it can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker to play the music that’s what you want. It has an ipx4 waterproof rating although the ninebot balancing scooter itself has a waterproof rating of ip54. It’s got a slope angle of 15 degrees and an automatic break from when you stop the kart on such a slope. So this thing looks interesting I’ve seen it on the xiaomi campus in Beijing in the store in the offices of Xiaomi’s global team

go-kart pro

So if you came back to work and your chair was moved well that could have been me I’ve tried out the ninebot go-kart that xiaomi released two years ago. But now I got to try this one out be aware that they surely advise you to wear safety gear when using it and in this demo. It’s been showcased by professionals obviously or well maybe it was just me it’s as easy as turning it on setting the mode to whatever speed you want and just accelerate you can use the brake pedal to set. It in reverse when you push that twice even though. It reverses quite slow and it does look kind of lame it’s got a handle break to break a lot faster.

so i’ve been driving around that and this thing is just super fun to use. I definitely had a lot of fun driving this thing around and testing it. You can also connect this go card with the ninebot app to monitor the battery level distance that you’ve drove change its settings like the speed mode set things like dynamic turning which will turn in corners more sharply. You can set the night lights and the colors of this set up an alarm and download firmware updates.

go-kart pro

So this go-kart pro looks pretty nice and that 40 kilometers per hour limit is really quite fast for such a kart. It’s really fast because you’re that close to the ground it’s kind of cool that the 20 km speed limit of the ninebot. Max is actually 40 kilometers per hour when it’s mounted as the Lamborghini go-kart. So what are my first thoughts after trying this for about an hour well point one is that:

  • It’s cool it’s actually a lot more fun than I had anticipated
  • It looks cool
  • the Lamborghini style may be a bit of a gimmick.
  • However, it certainly makes it plenty more cost-effective to shop for a Lamborghini that you just will truly drive therefore it’s quick.

I mean professional go-karts have pretty much doubled the speed of this one but this is really quite fast for its purpose its build quality seems very good. It’s got impact protection just about all around the kart and it looks to own a really sturdy base. It looks to be quite safe it’d be laborious to bring depending on where you live as there is a fair chance that you’re not allowed to drive this in the street. So you’ll need to have a dedicated spot where you can actually drive it it’s a go-kart.

go-kart pro

So it’s low to the ground making it very dangerous to drive around in the streets with but no matter all of that I think it is very fun it is very cool to drive around with and if you ever get the chance you should try it out because it’s just fun the xiaomi ninebot go-kart pro-Lamborghini edition came out in china in the xiaomi store where it goes for 9999 RMB and b which is around 1450 us dollars or around 1200 euros. I’m sure some resellers will offer this on their online store sometime soon. But I do expect they will be a little bit more pricey on there though. So that’s about it for the ninebot go-kart pro-Lamborghini edition.


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