Google’s entry into hardware was the biggest story a few years ago. But the Google Pixel 5 smartphones – despite the game-changing camera tech and better software experience – just couldn’t manage to make an impact in the Android space, let alone the overall smartphone segment.

The Pixel phones haven’t moved many people out of Apple’s ecosystem, nor it competed with Samsung’s Galaxy superphones. From Galaxy Note to Galaxy S that offers all sorts of hardware tricks and different cameras. But 2020 marks the year that Google is making a subtle but significant shift.

Google pixel leaked image


They’re moving out of the premium flagship market. As you already know Pixel 5 will have a Snapdragon 765G processor instead of the flagship Snapdragon 865. By going with a cheaper chip, Google is expected to conceivably lower its Pixel 5 price down. According to new rumors, the Pixel 5 could cost the same as the first-gen Pixel smartphone and that is $649. It’s rumored to cost 629 euros in Europe, Germany to be specific. And $649 in the United States.

It’s coming from this person who accurately leaked the prices of some Samsung products in the past. If Google actually ends up pricing the Pixel 5 at 649 then it’d be going up against companies. Like OnePlus instead of competing for attention against Samsung’s latest Galaxy flagships. The premium phone market, especially in America, is notorious for being tough to compete in unless your brand name is Samsung or Apple.

Google pixel Processor

But that upper-middle-tier area — where phones are premium in nature but not quite hitting the every-bell-and-whistle-imaginable. No-piece-left-behind top-shelf positioning — is somewhere a company like Google could conceivably have a decent shot at finding its footing. I know what a number of you’re thinking. That Snapdragon 765G processor, though.

But with the correct kind of code optimizations and a focus to expertise. You’re completely not aiming to notice or in any means remember the distinction between a flower 865 processor and therefore the 765G. Even in games, this chipset is dead fine — unless you actually crank the user-customizable settings during a title like Fortnite, within which case things will stutter. Simply do not expect to drag a sleek ninety Federal Protective Service in tightened titles, and you most likely will not be defeated.

Google pixel 5 Gameplay

And if you don’t play a lot of games, you’ve got even less to worry about. In a new world where the money is tight, people are wearing masks and flagship. Phones are starting to cost over $1300, a $650 price tag. For Google’s flagship, this year could make a world of difference to the end-user in how the phone is perceived ultimately. If Google plays its cards right, in how well it sells.

Here’s something cool. Ice Universe shared this video saying that a certain mobile company is developing a phone with a back that automatically changes the color. The back panel of this smartphone can be discolored, and users can adjust the speed of this process. The camera module is hidden so not sure which phone this is. The tech it uses is Electrochromic glass. If you remember OnePlus used it to hide the phone’s rear camera. This is certainly not the necessary technology on a phone in my opinion, but it sure looks cool.


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