This month has been all about smartphones and we have seen some pretty big releases from manufacturers like xiaomi oneplus and even apple. But amidst all the chaos in the smartphone industry. Honor quietly launched a variable that is shaping up to be one of the best ones that I’ve used this year. Yes, I am talking about the honor smartwatch es. Let’s get on with my first impressions of the honor smartwatch.

Smartwatch Design

So let’s start by talking about the design of the honor smartwatch es and I’ll tell you that this is one of the reasons why I like this wearable so much. Look at the design shots I’m sure you can probably tell that the watch ess shape is a bit quirky and the wearable’s boxy rectangular design is not something I’ve personally seen a lot of. In fact, the last I saw or watch shape like this was the gear fit2 by Samsung. So suffice it to say the design of the watch es definitely comes as a breath of fresh air and it’s not just the form factor. By the way, the wearable is really durable and comfortable to wear too for one.

It’s extremely sleek and weighs next to nothing at 21 grams. Now that weight is without the straps but even with these straps, I’m guessing that the wearable would weigh what 33-35 grams and it’s mind-boggling. Considering how much tech is inside this tiny little thing also the watch es comes with just one physical button and i really like how it sits flush to the chassis. So it didn’t bite my wrist when i was doing a push-up and so on oh and speaking of workouts. This is water resistant up to 5 atm so you shouldn’t have any problems sweating it out wearing the honor watch es in the gym.

Smartwatch Display

honor smartwatch es

Now moving on though the watch ease also offers quick pin releases for its straps. So you can customize it quite easily using a third-party alternative. Now the bundle straps that you do get with the watch are quite comfortable though thanks to their rubberized finish. So you might just want to stick with these regardless of the overall design of the honor smartwatch es is excellent.

Now let me tell you more about its unique rectangular display. So the honor smartwatch es comes with a 1.64-inch AMOLED display which is a treat to the eyes. The display comes with a resolution of 456 by 280 pixels which I don’t need to tell you is plenty sharp for a screen of this size and because it’s AMOLED. You’ll also enjoy deep dark blacks on the screen and the colors pop too. Now, this is primarily why honor has bundled some really colorful watch faces with the wearable and they complement the screen really well. Also, there’s no shortage of watch faces here by the way so you can actually download a ton more from the companion Huawei health app too.

Fast Charging

honor smartwatch es

One more thing you should note here is that since this is an AMOLED screen. The watch es also comes with support for an always-on display and it looks pretty good. You get a couple of alternatives for what you want to use as an always-on display. But I should remind you that you will get a disclaimer that this always-on display tech is going to eat into a big chunk of your battery life. Thankfully the watch does come with support for quick charging and it can charge up to 70 in just 30 minutes using pretty much any charger that you have lying around so that’s great.

You’ll also get a lift to wake the display functionality here so you can always check the time of your notifications without pressing the physical button. Now as for outdoor visibility and ruggedness you will be glad to know that the watch es comes with 450 nits of peak brightness and from my initial strength with the wearable, I didn’t face any problems using it outdoors. Now there is corning’s gorilla glass present on the watch too which has been layered on top of its display but the brand didn’t specify which version so I’ll have to update you on that later.


This is a touchscreen-based watch so you’ll have to use gesture-based navigation to move around the UI. But honestly, the controls are fairly easy to grasp and the good thing is that the touch responsiveness of this display is really good too, and since this is a smartwatch. You do get support for smart features like push notifications here and I like how every app gets its own customized icon. Unfortunately, you can’t reply to notifications from the watches interface, and while you can take calls too. You’ll have to speak into your phone or your earphone’s built-in microphone as there’s no microphone on the watch es itself.

Fitness Tracking

honor smartwatch es

Coming to fitness tracking the watch es can actually track a multitude of different sports activities including outdoor cycling running swimming the works. I haven’t had the chance to test the variable across all these different activities but for what it’s worth step tracking has been really accurate on the wearable. During my testing, the watch didn’t account for go steps and would only add three to six steps to the total tally which is well within the margin of error I’d expect from a variable in 2020. Of course, you also get support for heart rate monitoring here which once again was on par with the results I got from competing devices like mi watch revolve.

Health Meter

honor smartwatch es

Now, quite interestingly the watch es can also track oxygen saturation in your blood. As it comes with so to monitor the readings for which were also on power with devices like the real new watch. So no complaints here either as always all your fitness stats will be presented to you front and center on the Huawei health app which is also where you can customize various other aspects of your watch es now. By the way, you will need to enable Huawei’s to sleep from within the app as it comes disabled by default but do enable it as.

I feel that their algorithm offers the best tracking metrics I tested this on the honor magic watch as well as the Huawei war gt2e and I was blown away by how precise the readings were so yeah if you are going to buy the honor watch es make sure to make the most of Huawei’s true sleep feature but that sums up my experience with the honor watch es so far now this is shaping up to be a really promising wearable and I really like what honor has done especially with the design here now they’ve also launched another watch uh the gs pro which by the looks of it seems to be more feature-rich as well as a pair of two earphones called honor choice.


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