This is the second Huawei gt watch from Huawei that uses its own OS called light OS. This OS is designed to focus specifically on battery life and Bluetooth capabilities because of a lot of where OS smartwatches have a really bad battery life. If you’re going to use a SmartWatch you really want it to be very battery focused.

Huawei Gt Watch 2 Review

There are two versions of this watch there’s a 42-millimeter version and a 46-millimeter version. Actually you can expect about one week of battery life from the 42-millimeter version. While the 46-millimeter version is gonna get you about 2 weeks of battery life which is quite a lot more. If you’re willing to opt for the bigger watch probably a pretty big change in this watch is that the Huawei gt watch.

Huawei gt 2 watch is the first watch to use the new Kirin A1 chip and this is a processor that’s specifically tailored towards Huawei’s wearables. We just saw get put in the new Huawei free buds that got announced an earphone. Basically this chip is also designed to focus on battery life and Bluetooth connectivity. So it’s really nice to have that chip paired with this OS to make it focus really hardcore on a really good battery life. It makes sense that you’d want to really optimize for battery life in this watch. This is really like an outdoor is watches for people that are pretty active and have an active lifestyle.

Huawei gt watch

There’s a lot of different types of tracks here. So you’ve got constant heart rate tracking you’ve got built-in GPS. You’ve got running tracking and cycling tracks and swimming tracking. It’s pretty much an all-around fitness watch that looks like a really casual watch and honestly, this watch looks really great. It’s got this really nice leather band that apparently is genuine leather. It doesn’t quite feel like that but I’m assuming that it’ll wear in overtime. You’ve also got a silicone band that you can wear. If you don’t want to get your sweat all over that leather.

Huawei gt watch

It’s also using this big bright AMOLED display which is very punchy and should also help with battery life. It only has to turn on the pixels that are actually using now. Probably most surprisingly this watch also has speakers and a microphone. So technically you can play music out of this watch. You could take calls with this watch and for taking calls. You’ll obviously have to attach the watch to your phone. If you just want to listen to music while you’re on a run or something. You can actually connect it directly to some Bluetooth headphones. Now you can listen to music directly out of the watch and the speakers actually sound pretty decent. I was really surprised at how good they sound it’s kind of like a pretty low-end smartphone.

Huawei gt watch

It is definitely not going to be a high-end smartphone level of sound but for a SmartWatch it sounds pretty good. If you want to get really techie the smaller version of this watch has 16 megabytes of RAM. While the bigger version has 32 megabytes of RAM that’s a really really small amount of RAM and a little bit of lag. While I was actually setting up the watch and also scrolling through the menus. But in general, use when just going through the actual settings and using the trackers and stuff like that. I honestly didn’t really see any lag. So it’s surprising that light OS is able to operate with such a little amount of RAM also. You’ve got 4 gigabytes of internal storage on both of these watches.

If you want to load up your own music to go for a run and listen to your music without your phone. You can do that too and we still don’t really know how much this thing will cost but it will probably cost around the same amount.

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