If you’re even remotely into gaming then you’ll know that it’s vital to perceive the in-game audio in the best possible way. Especially in games like pubg and apex legends were hearing an enemy’s footsteps. A second later could result in hue getting wrecked now to do. So you obviously need a good gaming headset and that’s exactly what I will be reviewing today. Because today I will walk you through my experience of using. The hyperx cloud stinger core 7.1 gaming headset it’s pretty damn good. Now that you’ve done that. Let’s get on with the full review of the hyperx cloud stinger core 7.1 gaming headset.


  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound via HyperX INGENUITY
  • Lightweight comfort
  • Immersive in-game audio
  • Durable, adjustable steel sliders
  • Convenient onboard audio controls
  • Swivel-to-mute noise-canceling mic

So hyperx is actually a very known name in the gaming community and the previous versions of the hyperx cloud stinger gaming headset. Even the ones that launched before this model did really well and it’s clear as to why now in terms of looks. You’ll get a stealthy all-black headset here which obviously has some games touches to it be it in the form of the angular edges on the earcups or the articulating microphone but for the most part, it looks quite minimalistic pretty much like a generic headphone which is what struck out to me in the first place. Now I really don’t care for RGB on a gaming headset as it just attracts unnecessary attention.

So as far as I’m concerned I absolutely love the design on offer here I also want to add that. Although the hyperx cloud stinger core 7.1 gaming headset has been constructed in entirety using plastic. It has to be one of the most durable headphones. Thus far also thanks in part to its plastic finish. The unit is extremely comfortable to wear over extended gaming sessions. As it’s super light and tips the scale at just 215 grams. Also, you get breathable foam padding on the ear cups which didn’t make my ears sweat all that much.


Especially when compared to headphones that opt. For fall leather padding not to mention there’s ample padding on the headdress too. And the clamping force is just right for my head shape. I’ve honestly played games for hours and hours on end wearing this headphone and I’ve really never experienced any wear fatigue set in. So I never felt the clamping force was a little too tight for my liking the foam pads are obviously extremely comfortable. As you can see they have good cushion great questions on the headband as well. So all in all extremely comfortable uh headphones to play games for hours and hours on end moving on though.

Since this is a wired headset you get a 4-pole 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the other end of a long 1.7-meter cable. Now the cable is pretty durable too. So no complaints here. Now if you like me or gaming on a pc and you don’t have a trust splitter then don’t worry because this headphone comes with a USB dongle which means that you basically get a plug and play experience with the headset.

Now there’s also a volume dial on the underside of the left ear cup which comes in handy should you want to tweak the in-game sound on the fly oh and the best feature of this headset is by far the articulating microphone which comes with the swivel to mute function so when the mic is all the way up you’re muted and your teammates on discord or in-game chat won’t hear a thing they’ll only hear you if you bring it down and you can even adjust how further the mic is placed from your mouth.


hyperx cloud stinger gaming headset

Now on to the most important bit now which is the performance of the headphones. But before I talk about that Let’s get the specs out of the way. So the hyperx cloud single-core 7.1 comes with a pair of 40-millimeter drivers positioned inside each earpiece which can operate across a frequency spectrum of 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz. Now the mic you get with the headset is a unidirectional microphone and as I mentioned previously. It comes with a swivel to mute function too. Now I tested this headset across a variety of different games chief among them. Being apex legends in which I could clearly hear the footsteps of people in my not so distant proximity.

I could place the direction in my head and I instinctively would point my weapon in the general direction even before crossing paths with them. Now that way I was prepared for combat before it started and it really helped me improve my in-game performance same goes for metric sodas which is by the way a game I’ve only recently started playing. Now in this game, the protagonist is rushed by mutated animals quite often and I could always tell if they’re chasing me from the left or the right.

So what I’m trying to get at is that. This headphone offers excellent spatial awareness for the price and you will be able to place the direction of the sound in a game quite easily. Now that being said the 7.1 surround sound feature is quite gimmicky now. To enable it you will have to install the hyperx and unity software which will automatically detect the headset. Now once enabled it just makes the sound signature a bit roomier. But honestly, you wouldn’t notice any improvements in the in-game audio all that much as for my quality.


hyperx cloud stinger gaming headset

So for its asking price of rupees, 4500. The hyperx cloud stinger core 7.1gaming headset worth it. Absolutely not only are you getting a very durable set of cans which are also very comfortable to wear over long gaming sessions. But these offer phenomenal in-game audio for the price and an excellent microphone to go along with it. So if you’ve been in the market for a good and relatively affordable pair of gaming headphones your search ends here. But guys that wrap up this full review of the hyperx cloud single-core 7.1 from my end.


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