Choosing a Linux distribution could be really tricky for some reason. You may have heard of Manjaro Linux it is good or worth trying I am Surrey of pro-Cambodian. I’ll give you seven reasons to use Manjaro Linux.

GUI installer

The first reason that I’m going to talk about is the Installer. Manjaro Linux comes with an installer. So you don’t have to install it from scratch all command line like installing Arch Linux. The Installer is really beautiful easy to use and faster. If you use to install a limit list row. Before even though it was 1 2 or something else do you make comfortable with the manual installer. You have to option to use the first kalamarez and second is thus the Installer is pretty straightforward and you can do it without any help from the internet.


Hardware compatible most of the stroke and attack of all hardware. But some new hardware special hardware like MacBook is not working with Manjaro. Everything is working out of the box. So you don’t need to configure anything like Wi-Fi or Sony cetera just boot up and almost 100% of hardware will work.

Rolling Release

Rolling release man general is based on Arch Linux which is a rolling release destroy. Once the developer releases the update you can install the update upgraded to the latest version and use it.

Desktop Environment

In the desktop environment, there are a lot of choices to choose from in terms of the desktop environment. They are not billed with the installer but you can choose a specific eyesore for the specific desktop environment. If you go to man Jerad one and move to download. You have three release current release community release development release current lease and community release as stable. While the development release is not the current release of a three choice for you KDE. You know an FCE the community release of more choice such as budgie cinnamon dip in I three LXDE execute and Marte and for the development release for developer because it’s not stable. So pick one and install it keep in mind that there is no limit to customizing your desktop whatever you choose you can install a switch it to another desktop environment later.

Kernal Manager

Another great feature of man general is kernel manager in mentor resetting manager. You can manage your kernels install the latest version and switch to the version you want easy as that.

Graphic Driver

The auto-install graphic art graphic car driver is really a pain in the ass. Especially when you have dual graphics cards. Majora detects all of your graphic cards and installs the bus driver for them automatically and for me. For my experience, it works without any issue.

AUR Support

Arch user repository spot the best thing about arch Linux is the arch user repository. We can install and support software or software that required building from scratch. You can install the package easier safer and faster video or parquet.

I also have a bonus tip for you there is no limitation of customizing your desktop you can do pretty much whatever you want and if you want more one to like a hacking distro we have another option for you you can start black arch on top of your man 0 just had to block our website to learn more so there you have it if you are not sure you gotta be sure right now using Man Zero is recommended

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