A worsted Xiaomi unveiled its very first SmartWatch the mi watch. I’ve been really excited to check it out but this is the mi watch. It’s not it’s the Apple watch okay. So this is the mi watch and when there’s a lot to talk about this cool new watch from Xiaomi. Now that you’ve done that let’s talk about the mi watch. So here it is one of the few smartwatches that have got me excited off late. The mi ones and yes let’s first address the Apple watch resemblance.

This is the mi watch next to the Apple Watch and it’s pretty clear to me what takes a lot of design cues from the Apple Watch. I mean a lot let me show you so the mean watch box looks similar to the Apple watch. The watch has the same size square is display with the same resolution on the right. You get the crown Mike and the power button in the exact same order as the Apple watch. On the left side, it has the speaker exactly like the Apple Watch. So yes there’s no doubt that the mi watch is a lot like Apple watch but yes there are a few differences. Like the fact that the mi watch is bulkier and takes it, the strap has the more traditional watch buckle.

The first thing you notice when you see the mi watch is obviously the Apple watch resemblance. Anyway, if you keep that aside I think the mi watch is a very premium looking SmartWatch. I said it’s a little thick but yeah at this price range I think this is definitely premium. This is the standard edition of the mean watt. So you get the premium aluminum body and the silicon rubbery strap. The strap here is interchangeable and so far it seems really comfortable. The strap also bends nicely.

So I think no matter what the size of your hand is. The mean what should fit you perfectly because this is a design that is functional. The crown can be used to navigate the watch and the speaker. Here means you’ll be able to take calls to play music directly on the watch. I did check the speaker it sounded. Okay but yeah it’s a plus the mean watch is said to be water-resistant. Now Xiaomi hasn’t mentioned if it’s v ADM or IP 68 but yeah what resistance is good other than that to display. On the mi what seems really good it is a 1.7 eight-inch AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3 and it’s surrounded by some bezels.

Anyway, I’ve only used to watch for a couple of days but this seems that a sharp and responsive bright this display is. I compared the brightness of the mi watch with the Apple Watch and the watch’s displays almost as bright as. The Apple watch display which is really nice apart from that there is an option to set the display to always-on which is great. So overall on the design from the app the watch is pretty. Well sorted but what’s it like to use the watch when other than the design itself. One of the biggest highlights of the mi watch is mi UI for watch the mi watch comes in very wise. With the mi UI skin on top first of all setting up the watch requires.

The mi wears app and the various for China both of which are obviously only available in China right now but it was fairly easy to set things up. Now most of the usual functionality in me UI for a watch means the same as what you get on wear OS. You get the same gestures. So I’ve drawn from the top to check notifications swipe up from the bottom for quick settings swipe. From the right to get different fitness tracking tiles that are a customizable swipe. From the left to access the voice assistant which on this Chinese. We’re able to me watch a Xiaomi assistant but yeah we can’t expect the Google assistant in the global version.

Now apart from all the various gestures in mi what you get all the various functions which means you can reply to calls. You can take action on notifications to control music playback and do a lot more which is all great. So what exactly is mi why for what first up there are a lot of different watches faces as you see? These are the ones available in the app. On the mi watch. You should be able to download more then there’s the crown that you can use to access. The app drawer and also scroll and navigate there’s good haptic feedback when you use the crown which is very nice. Even the difference mi UI for watch makes is the apps Xiaomi had said that new. I will bring 40 plus exclusive apps and well there are a few pre-installed.

mi watch

I also like the fact the mi watch comes with apps like WeChat only paid QQ music and more. These suggested the mi watch can be used as an independent device. The mi watch has Isom support which is big. I mean this means that the mi watch has 4G support. So people will be able to use it as a standalone device to make calls play music navigate to place his book caps and do a lot more.

mi watch

Yes, to be honest, II sing support on a watch price solo is just amazing. Now we haven’t been able to try the eastern support. This is the Chinese gradient of the mi watch. When it comes to India will definitely check it out and hopefully. It will work it in apart from easing you get Wi-Fi support GPS. You can use maps NFC for making payments good with 4.2 which is a little strange and the whole host of senses.

Now with all of these senses, you get all the fitness features. You need this is a step counter heart rate monitoring sleep tracking blood pressure monitor. You get the different workout-tracking moves like running walking cycling mountain climbing swimming and more. All the data is available through the mi where well I will be testing out all the fitness features. On the mi watch once it arrives in India because like I said all of the apps here are in Chinese.

mi watch

So yeah, I don’t know Chinese so moving on to the performance. The mi watch comes with the Snapdragon wear 3100 platforms with 1gb ram and 8gb storage. Now so far the mi watch has been performing fine. I’ve seen many where OS watches get fairly laggy. So he’ll be interesting to see how well mi watch does. When it’s used extensively for say a week I mean that’s another thing.

I’ll be testing when the watch officially arrives in India. Lastly, there’s the battery mi watch comes the 570 MH battery which is pretty big for a watch. I mean the mi watch is said to last three days unusual usage thanks to me. You guys optimizations it sounds really good but yeah that’s something we need to test them. On the charging front of me watch comes with a magnetic Pogo charger which is fairly easy to use.

I can just put the watch on the charger and that’s it starts charging. Xiaomi also bundles the charging adapter with the watch. So that is it but that was a good look at the new brand. Now, this is the mean what Standard Edition which starts at $12.99 yuan which is around rubies 13,000 in India and at that price. There’s no doubt that this is a feature-packed SmartWatch. The Apple watch resemblance aside this is a premium looking smartwatch.

The display seems really good me UI for what seems to fetch back eastern support is just amazing for a watch price. So low and the battery life is said to be fairly good too. So yes if you think about a charming might have a winner with the mi watch. Okay, this is the Chinese waiting like we have said. So we haven’t really tested things up. You know what I will reserve our judgment for our full review which will arrive whenever the mi watch arrives in India.

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