Hello everyone today we have India’s world-first android 10 HD tv which comes with the Dolby vision and Dolby atmos and it’s the Motorola zx2 which is a 32-inch android smart tv.

Motorola zx2

First, in the front of the box, we have the model name in the picture of the product. It’s a 32-inch android tv with Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision support and you also get the built-in chromecast.

We get the power cord audio video converter cable and here is the remote controller. The remote controller looks well built in the layout and the button spacing is really good. You also get a few dedicated buttons here such as netflix youtube google play and z5 apart from that you also have a dedicated button for google assistant which you can also use to control your smart devices. Then in the box, you get mounts and wall mounts to install tv itself.


The desktop stand is of metal and it’s really easy to install the motorola zx2 android tv. We also have some key features listed here such as the dolby atmos and dolby vision and this tv comes with the mali g52 quad-core graphic engine which is better than oneplus tv which has g51 gpu and in this tv. You get the 1.5 gigahertz mediatek processor 2gb ram 16 gb storage and you also get the mv sound x pro support.


Motorola zx2

Talking about the ports and connectivity option first of all the ports are on the side making them easily accessible and here we have the LAN port digital audio port 2 HDMI port. Out of them, one is the HDMI arc and then we have the two USB ports antenna in port along with the audio-video. In port setting up this tv is like any other android tv and you can set it up through your android smartphone and log in with your Google account.

Android 10 Os

Motorola zx2

So the first thing I want to show you is the os this is the world’s first android tv which comes with the Android 10 operating system. Right now it’s fully updated but you’ll be getting the regular OTA update for this tv which is similar to an android smartphone. Now looking at the layout you have your favorite pre-installed apps on the top and then below it.

You have the suggested content from netflix amazon prime google play youtube etc and after that, you have the google play store suggested apps which you can install on this tv. One thing i immediately noticed that the navigation on this tv is quite snappy and smooth and there are no lags and stutter while going through different menus and also the remote controller is quite responsive and the quality of the buttons is also pretty good.


Motorola zx2

The hardware configuration you get the 1.5 gigahertz quad core processor 2gb ram and 16 Gb storage. This tv also comes with the response time compensation engine introduced by MediaTek chipset as a substitute for me. Coming to the most important thing that is the performance of this tv. I have used this tv to watch content on Netflix and youtube even though. It’s an HD tv but we found the picture quality pretty good while watching Netflix.

We were able to stream Dolby vision supported content for which you get this logo on the top right. This is probably the first tv I have tested in this price range which comes with the Dolby vision, as well as Dolby atmos support and guys technologies like Dolby atmos and dolby vision, are the best technologies at the moment and if you’re watching supported content the experience is totally different and you get the theater-like experience.


Motorola zx2

The performance in this tv we also get HDR support and guys I can’t tell you how happy I am with the performance of this tv. You can also stream youtube content on this tv in 4k as well. In terms of connectivity and other features, this tv comes with two-way Bluetooth which is version 5.0, and here you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard as well. As a gaming controller, I have played some casual games on this tv using a gaming controller where the performance was decent.


You can connect a LAN cable and also this tv comes with dual-band wi-fi which is really good. As most of the other tvs in this price range come with single-band wi-fi and during our testing. We didn’t face any issue with the connectivity now coming back to the picture quality while watching Dolby vision supported content. We can choose between different calibrated modes such as Dolby vision bright dark and vivid and you also have the option to turn on the Dolby Atmos and here you can select different modes such as standard movie music and sport.


On the audio part in this tv, we get the DTS sound support apart from the Dolby Atmos. The output of the speakers in this tv is 40 watt where you have 20-watt high base speakers and 20-watt tweeters and here is how they perform. We’ll go so guys the audio output from the inbuilt speakers is very good and overall I’m really happy with the performance.


So overall the Motorola zx2 32-inch smart tv offers a lot of features which we have usually seen in some high range tvs. The design is very good and I personally like the desktop stand the bezels are thin and the overall build quality is really good.

Performance-wise: we are happy and surprised with the audio and the video output from this tv and with the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. We think that it’s a value for money products and if you’re in the market for a budget android smart tv then we highly recommend you check it out the Motorola zx2 is available exclusively on Flipkart for rupees 13 999 and at this price. We think that it’s an amazing deal and as usual if you like it and want to buy one then do check the buy link in the description below.


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