We’re checking out the iphone 12 mini. I think this is going to be the coolest phone from the apple lineup this year and I’m really excited to check this phone. We’ll show you all the specifications of all the features. So let’s quickly get started.

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The iphone 12 mini starts at 69,900 but funnily enough. It starts with 64 gigabytes of storage which I think is very less for the price that. The phone is available with respect to design and build quality. It is identical to the iphone 12 in our review for the iphone 12 is already out.

Now the 12 mini is one of the most compact phones from apple this year. The iphone se is already a small phone but the iphone 12 mini stands out. That’s because of the 5.4-inch super retina xdr display on this device with 2340 by 1080 pixel resolution. But with this size and form factor, you get 476 pixels per inch. Now, this is the same OLED display that you see on the iphone 12 in.

Even the iphone 12 pro one has 625 nits of maximum brightness in typical scenarios but 1200 nits. If you are watching hdr content the phone is also ip68 rated and does have the ceramic shield glass on the front which makes the display really tough up to four times tougher and the ip68 coating makes the phone waterproof up to six meters for up to 30 minutes running.

iphone 12 mini

Everything is the a14 bionic chip this is apple’s latest generation chip and it is based on the five-nanometer process. So one of the most powerful chips is available in one of the most compact form factors of a smartphone in the market. Today now with the iphone 12 mini you continue to get mac safe capabilities. So whether you’re charging your phone on the mac safe charger using the wallet accessory or even putting on covers. You will get all the mac save capabilities on this device as well.

iphone 12 mini

Cameras on the back include a 12 megapixel main camera which has an f1.6 aperture and an ultra wide which has an f 2.4 aperture. The phone can capture 4k video at 60 frames per second but if you want hdr capable video. You’ll only get it up to 30 frames per second all cameras are capable of this video recording capability and also slow motion videos are available at up to 240 frames per second at 1080p.

iphone 12 mini

Now the iphone 12 mini has a 2 27 milliamp-hour battery which is comparatively small. When compared to several other devices and Apple says that this phone can charge up to 20 watts. In terms of fast charging and also can fast wirelessly charge with up to 12 watts as opposed to the 15 watts that you get on the other devices.

I’ve been asking for a compact phone with a full display from apple for a while now. And Apple has finally delivered and this is one of the most exciting phones for me to test out this year. So we’ll be doing a full in-depth review of the iphone 12 minis. The overall form factor, of course, the phone weighs in only at 133 grams and it’s only 7.4 mm thick. This is one of the most compact phones and easily usable with one hand. As most smartphones were intended to be so that was our first look at the iphone 12 mini.


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