Last year one plus nailed in terms of speed and performance all thanks to its 90 Hertz screen and software experience. A few days back we heard speculations that one plus is planning to take this smoothness game forward using 120 Hertz display on the one plus 8 pro.

One plus gave their official confirmation that the one plus 8 pro is indeed coming with a 120 Hertz OLED panel. So during an event in China one plus talked about their success of 98 screens the one the 7T, 7T pro and also one plus 7 Pro and how they are implementing the 120 Hertz panel. So first off one plus is not using LCD display. They’re going with Samsung’s OLED screen. OLED is better in terms of quality and colors also the flicker fluctuation between the low refresh rate and high refresh rate is not bad at all.

one plus 8 pro

This is the same implementation as Asus rog 2. However, Asus rog 2 use this 1080p display while the 8 pro is gonna use a 1440p screen. So there’s a huge difference between. Now one plus is also implementing MEMC which is motion estimation motion compensation which is often used in TVs to avoid motion blur. So in all combinations of MEMC plus GNDC plus 120 Hertz Samsung’s OLED panel with 2k resolution is swash AA gonna provide you an amazing experience.

one plus 8 pro

Apart from this one plus eight pro will use 4096 kinds of brightness level. So this is war short the next innovative thing that’s coming really soon. Samsung in comparison is also going to use the same mechanism in the Galaxy S 20, S 20 ultra. However, xiaomi mi 10 & 10 pro may only feature 90 Hertz pan. So, all in all, Samsung and one plus get an advantage for advanced users. The Samsung Galaxy S 21, One plus 8 and mi 10 all are coming with a similar design.

one plus 8 pro

Samsung uses his center punch hole Xiaomi and one plus. On the other hand, it uses a side punch hole and of course, Samsung started this all. They all are coming in q1 2020. The pricing is Warshaw gonna play an important role because Xiaomi and one plus will on the lower side while Samsung on the higher side. One plus 8 Pro may touch similar pricing as the galaxy S 20 all are featuring the same CPU. Samsung may use Exynos in a few markets and that’s gonna be a huge disappointment. So that’s where the One plus n Xiaomi is gonna take the lead.


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