The next generation of gaming consoles is finally almost upon us. We got the PS 5 reveal not too long ago. When we got that event with all the exclusive games and the teasers and a hardware reveal and everything. We saw the two different versions everything’s very dramatic. Now I was going to wait typically I wait until I have a device in my hands before. I can at least give my first impressions of it let alone a review but pretty much non-stop.

Since that event, people have been asking me about it talking about it and there’s just so much conversation to be had from that reveal. So maybe let’s have that spoken language currently the one main issue thus didn’t reveal at that event was the worth of the PS 5. I {actually have} some guesses and if some rumors floating around and we have a tendency to’ll get to it to mention. However usually yea they did not reveal the worth formally or the discharge date bummer.

ps 5 design

So for ps5 first of all the design of the controversial design. I’m not gonna lie it seems like people either love it or hate it kind of like the cyber truck but there is a lot to actually think about that goes into the design of a new console.

  1. Number one is how big is it because it’s got to fit underneath a TV or somewhere where the previous box would have fit and there’s no scale here in the announcement but you know there’s a lot of educated guesses being made based on the size of the disk drive and those guesses peg. It as basically the biggest console ever it’s really tall so that naturally question.
  2. Number two is can it go sideways and yes officially it can go sideways and this is the only way will fit under my TV but then just subjectively. I think it kind of looks like a futuristic version of what you might expect a next-gen console to look like from some alien planet whoever but they really leaned into this aesthetic and it trickles down to the controller and the headphones and everything else.

ps 5 wireless sensor

Let’s just get to the price let’s just talk about the price for a second the rumors are all over the place. So the ps3 launched for $5.99 then the ps4 for $3.99 back in 2013 and so. Now people are saying with all these new incredible capabilities and all these expectations. Sony didn’t announce the price because it’s gonna be super expensive probably like a thousand bucks or something but that I don’t know I don’t think so.

I think and there are some rumors, of course, to back this up and potential leaks as well I think. But I think it’ll cost $4.99 for the PS 5 and possibly 399 for the digital-only Edition something like that and I don’t even think just removing the optical drive has to be a hundred dollar difference. So it might be something like $4.99 and for 49 for the digital-only versus the main PS 5 somewhere like that like just with the history of pricing for these consoles.

Pulse 3d

It’s all solid-state storage now instead of a hard drive I think that’s the biggest difference. But it’s also an AMD eight-core CPU and a ten-point two eight teraflop variable-frequency GPU and there are 16 gigs of ram. In there, some people are comparing the power of the PS 5 to that of a modern-day like straight-up tower desktop gaming PC and I don’t quite see it there yet. I think obviously something with a smaller body like that doesn’t quite have the thermal envelope.

Now the SSD and the new hardware can handle all that ps5 also supports 120 Hertz 4k or 8k output. So the future-proofing is definitely real here. Now I don’t have 128 Hertz or 8k TV at home like most people don’t but Gran Turismo 7 seems like the kind of game that would do great at a high refresh rate. I would love to play it at 120 yes for better reaction times in just a more responsive feel looks super good also.


I just thought of this just as a side note I hope the PS 5 is quieter than the ps4. I don’t know how many of you guys have a ps4 but if you’ll notice after like half an hour of playing 2k or really anything. The fans are spending a hundred percent as it sounds like a jet engine about to take off and obviously with these games taking full advantage of the PS 5 again.

I’m excited about better looking more realistic games generally and the franchise’s that I’m used to playing getting better and also from all the other titles. They’ve committed to just maybe trying out one or two other games that look really fun just because I guess we have more time on our hands now. Here given impressions of something before we actually get it this is probably what Sony wants but trust me when we do get it in here there will be and impressions.


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