So we want to quickly go over what season update in pubg will look like going in forward. Each season, the player will discover thematic updates with new content, gameplay features, and trial to conquer. Furthering those themes will be the challenges and rewards of the pubg survivor pass which will coincide with the season. one thing more we’re also changing the naming convention of patches to work with this new seasonal approach.


For pubg season 4 update today, they’re refreshing our original map, Erangel, with new complexes, improved graphics, and some surprises for fans who want to know more about the history of the battle-scarred island.

pubg update
pubg update
pubg update

From the military base complexes of sosnovka island to the power station at mylta. Key location across the island have been revisualized for new experiences and gameplay. There are new secrets to be found and areas to explore without losing the core feel of what made Erangel so popular. Unique missions and rewards and rewards await the survivours looking for an extra challenge while exploring the remains of Erangel.


As always, the season includes free unlockable items, but loads of additional reward will unlock with the purchase of the survivor pass. You’ll have 12 weeks to progress as far as you can. But an instant level pack can be purchased for those looking for a little boost.

Discover new details of Erangel’s past and present by leveling up your pass and earning new aftermatch items like the marksman class outfits and gear. Weapons skin that includes the battle stat bloody comb AWM and even our first ever vehicle skin for the UAZ.

pubg update
pubg update

This survivor pass will also see the introduction of community-driven missions. When the community reaches a milestone together and new rewards will unlock for survivor pass holders. In addition, the survival title system will be making its return. Allowing the player to climb the ranks and be rewarded with the white tiger skins fro dropping in and surviving regularly.


For players who are more interested in jamming the bridge. We’re introducing two ways to bring the tunes to your platoon. Spring a trap on enemy combatants with the help of our new turntable or race across the battleground with your stereo cranked to 11 using our new “car audio” feature. Just be sure not to tune out the world so much that you don’t hear that UAZ coming up on your DACIA.


Speaking of that dacia, the eastern European staple and the UAZ are both getting a visual update and rebalance. Not only these two vehicles getting a cleaner look, but they’ll also sound and handle in general on the hills and field of erangel. In fact, most vehicles, in general, have been rebalanced for this patch. Allowing some of the battlegrounds’ favorite deadly weapons on two, three, and four wheels to truly reach their potential as the right tool for a particular terrain.

Your feedback has been invaluable in our rebalanced especially with our most recently introduced vehicle the BRDM-2. Based on the engagement we received around the boatish brute. they are making it more susceptible to damage in solo and duo matches. The BRDM takes more damage in duos than squads. But receive the most damage when solo matches to give all you lone gunmen a fighting chance.


They’ve also rebalanced the weapons in the game. With the number of buffs and nerfs coming across the board. While most assault rifles decreased their damage slightly, shotguns and kar98’s received damage output increases. SMG’s received a buff to the amount of damage they do over distance. Making them slightly more versatile, but still not the ideal gun for sniper fight. They’re also going to let you have holographic and red dots on the uzi to give you a fighting chance.

Should you happen to not walk away unscathed, you can at least stay on the move while you heal up. You won’t be nearly as fast while healing and boosting on the move. So finding cover and staying put may sometime still be the better option.

PUBG Season 4 update 4.1 is here so get the survivor pass to witness the aftermath of Ernagel’s devastation and explore the battleground like never before.


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