The realme buds are the company’s first stand-alone audio product priced at rupees 499. The realme buds are affordable and come with a promise of specifications and features that not many other brands offer at this price.

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Realme Buds Review

The realme buds 2 are fairly standard for in your headphones featuring an in-canal fit regular silicone. Your tips and a 1-meter long cable you get the basics in place. However when you consider the rupees 599 prices. You get a few additional features and aspects that make this an excellent value for money. Including a three-button inline remote microphone and more. It includes a Kevlar fiber wrap around the cable below. The white splitter for better durability which we thought definitely feels more resistant to strain. There’s a magnetic clamping mechanism for easy carrying and storage reducing the scope for cable tangling.

Unlike the one plus bullets Wireless the magnetic clamping mechanism does not control anything. There is no power switcher given that these are passively power headphones. The three-button remote works as expected to control volume playback and call controls on compatible devices. The headphones used the popular 3.5 mm plug to connect to a source device. it is compatible with a large number of smartphone audio players and computers. The realme buds are powered by 11 mm dynamic drivers and you get two extra pairs of your tips in the box. The real me buds headset sounds too warm with the low end of the frequency range tending to overpower. The mid-range and highs because of this we heard a bit of roughness in the sound that persisted with various audio tracks.

The realme buds can go very loud thanks to the 11 mm drivers powering the headset. The bass tends to sound more pronounced and aggressive. The sound wasn’t quite as clean as what we experienced on slightly more premium headphones. The sound feels a bit rough but given the price and the design and build aspects. There’s not much to complain about in voice calls you get acceptable performance from the microphone and your phones and you will be able to use it.

The real me buds effectively enough for hands-free phone functionality voices can be heard clearly enough. The people on the other end of our calls didn’t report any issues either the quality of performance with audio tracks tends to apply to use the headphones. Well apart from some roughness in the sound, you’ll be satisfied with performance for the price at rupees 599. The real me buds don’t give us much room to complain although the sound is average at best.

There’s more in terms of build and function on offer than most other competing products which does to some extent make up for the average sound quality. A lot of users have rough usage conditions. These efforts to build quality will go a long way in keeping the headphones usable for some time. From the three-button remote and microphone to the Kevlar fiber wrap of the cable. The magnetic clamping mechanism the realme buds definitely look and feel like more expensive headphones.

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