Realme X Variety

Realme introduced a brand new premium ‘X’ model back in could, as its initial correct flagship within the Chinese market. With the Realme X, the corporate has tried to include several flagship-level options whereas still touching that sub-Rs. 20,000 worth section, within which it presently has some pretty fashionable phones, like the Realme 3 pro. The Realme X is currently in the Republic of India, and whereas it would lack a real flagship-level processor, it tries to balance that out with a contemporary, notch-free style, pop-up selfie camera, an in-display fingerprint sensing element — all at a really cheap worth.

Realme X Design

Realme X

Well real me trajectory, when you look at hardware design, has been one of the steepest among the competing product. After the product, the design language has only become better. The real me 3 pro was already a very well designed phone and the real me x somehow manages to top that as well. The real me x is truly mature design and probably one of the ambitiously designed phones in the under 20,000 price category.

Especially the white color with rain bush reflections. The centered camera module is also something I appreciate a lot and I really like. The whites back with that little black camera module in the center moving over to the sides. We have chrome finished polycarbonate running all around the frame which helps make the device much lighter than others. The frame is mostly intact barring a few minor scratches on it. If you don’t want to keep it looking pristine for longer than real me does provide you with a very high-quality case inside the box.


Realme X

The power and volume buttons have been economically placed and more importantly. I’m digging the indent on all those buttons also. This is the first time that we see the brand color yellow peeking through the power button. I would have made it completely yellow through the curve.

The back helps with ergonomics as well and I think one thing that real me has to be applauded. For is the ergonomics because phone after phone their organ omits has only become better. This phone might feel slightly heavier to some people only because of it’s the larger size that I Said personally prefer. The heft of the bigger changes is the placement of the front camera inside. The pop-up mechanism and the shift to USB C port.

Pop-up camera mechanism

Realme X

Finally, in fact, the pop-up camera mechanism also works for face unlock which is quite fast. Even compared to the footage that we saw for the K20 with the Chinese unit. This does seem slightly faster on the pop-up mechanism. Also, another thing that real me has done that’s quite special. That for the front camera for the glass of the front of the pop-up mechanism while others use plastic or glass? They’ve actually gone ahead and used sapphire glass which is very hard.


Realme X

The realme X uses a single speaker at the bottom which is quite loud but also not very good wise. The sounds lack bass which makes it sound penny. It does come with Dolby atmos which means you have good software for the audio and you can play versatile equalizer as well.

If you want another thing with the real me X which is something that I’ve not seen before from real me is the exclusion of the micro-sd card slot. So the real me x does not come with expandable storage you only get dual sim slot inside this phone.

Now, this is something we’ve generally only seen in flagship phones because of the faster storage. They don’t want other slower stories to be used inside the phone. This one also uses UFS 2.1. So did the realme 3 pro but that had only expandable storage. I completely understand that phones like one plus 7 or one plus 7 pro. They don’t have an Sd card slot in their premium phone the considered premium phones.


The real me X as coined by air shot is more of a real me 3 pro in most ways. The displays are one of the biggest most noticeable differences instead of going with an LCD. The Realme X mobile features a 6.53″ (16.59 cm) display with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. They went with an AMOLED display which is quite crazy just to think of the fact that you get an AMOLED display at this price. I said crazy but they’ve not done this with a knot or by creating a punch hole but they’ve done that by creating a complete bezels design.


Realme X

It just enhances the look of that AMOLED screen. The bezel of real me X is not far from the dream look. Only if the screen was a little smaller it would have been just perfecting that’s it. The display is gorgeous easily one of the best-looking display under 20,000 at least for the next two day because the redmi phones haven’t launched yet. Of course, the deep blacks the punchy colors all of it is quite fun. the real me X also for the first time for a realme phone gets an always-on display.


Realme X

There is no customizable available but you can still duel it although one thing I don’t like these the facts that the clock moves around. There is another special feature on the real me x and that is and in performance fingerprint scanner in fact the first in a display fingerprint scanner on a real me phone. Now in-display fingerprint scanners have only become good very recently which means that the price hasn’t really come down. So it’s commendable that real me has decided to put a display fingerprint scanner on a phone.

This comes with white wine 11 and more compatible display which makes it one of the first phones to support ACR. The phone was even pro also showed HDR but that was not an easier compatible display. This one makes the real me X create a multimedia phone. The brightness levels are also great which means that outdoor shouldn’t be a problem. There is that characteristic color shift that AMOLED display tends to have that said it doesn’t affect most images and videos.

Apart from the obvious advantage of watching movies and videos in full screen the bacillus look also enhances the reading experience.

Realme X: Software

The real me x has color os 6 built on top of android 9 pie. it is almost the same software on the real me 3 pro which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Color OS has come a long way there are a few extra features on the real me X dough starting and always-on display that I talked about earlier.

The second difference is the new navigation method where the home recent gestures remain the same. The back gesture has moved to the side of the phone on either side of the phone. It does feel very intuitive there are also a neat trick where if you hold it for longer then you go to the previous app.

Realme X review: Performance

This is major areas where the real me x doesn’t get an upgrade because you get the same snapdragon 710 that you got with the 3 pro. The benchmarks score are very similar as well. You get a 156 k on and to do other scores also tell a similar story. It’s only the GPU performance where the 710 shows higher benchmark scores.

Gaming performance

Realme X

The real me x has been phenomenal and while the performance has stayed similar to realme 3 pro. The big display makes a lot of difference be it playing pubg or best two games. How does it stack up against the competition compared to the 675 on the redmi note 7 pro? I prefer this processor because of the better graphics performance and just a slightly more advanced design with a 10-nanometer process and a better x 15 modem.

Snapdragon performance

A new phone that came up recently in this price category is the vivo Z1 pro which has a snapdragon 712 it’s an improved version. It does show slightly better benchmark. I’d still place it pretty much t the same level as a 7/10. If you’re comparing between vivo Z1 pro and the realme x. I wouldn’t place the processor as the most important thing. The performance should be the same the only of that could truly beat the real me x in performance. The redmi k20 with the rumored snapdragon 730.


The second area where the real me x get a big upgrade instead of cameras. The brand has moved from an IMX510 to 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 camera sensor. Yes, the popular 48 megapixels sensor that passes optics for phones like the one plus 7 pro in the one plus 7 on a view 20 and archrival redmi note 7 pro. This new sensor does pixel binning to effectively produce two elements of pixel images. The half-inch sensor along with an aperture of focus 1.7 does make the real makes of the very good camera on paper.


Realme X

The battery is the only place where it gets a downgrade compared to the real me 3 pro. The 4045 mAH battery on the real me 3 pro has been dropped to a 3765 mAH. On the real me x the size is still a sufficient number. Considering you get similar sizes with one plus phones as well. The battery life is clearly not mind-blowing. I was still able to get through a full day of casual use and also if you’re a heavy user. You’ll be able to go a full day without this phone dying on you. That is primarily because of the power management that real me x built-in their situations where it will go aggressive. So there might be apps that close in your background. I did not notice it be very aggressive but there is still a lot of power management. That is happening which is probably by battery life. It’s not as bad as it could have been with that 3765 mAh battery.

Realme X

When it comes to charging there is VOC 3.0 that you simply cannot beat the 20-watt charger. Now comes with the much-awaited USB type-c port which makes it the exact same charger that the one plus 7 comes. The battery charging speed with that 20-watt charger is also quite phenomenal and when it comes to battery performance although. The battery might be slightly smaller in size.

Realme X: Judgment

The Realme X is that the company’s try at building an ‘affordable flagship’, and for a primary attempt, we’d say it’s done a really smart job. apart from the shortage of expandable storage — that is not a giant issue considering you get 128GB of internal storage — it’s arduous to seek out any major fault with this phone. Realme X is constructed well and appears smart. it’s giant and vivid show, smart code, and a capable set of cameras.

Realme has additionally gone with a Type-C port, that are a few things we’ve been wanting for a protracted time. If we have a tendency to were to knock points off then we’d say the tall style of this phone may not suit everybody, particularly if you have got smaller hands. Also, we might have liked video stabilization at 4K too.

Realme X is a superb addition to the sub-Rs. 20,000 section and is high on our list of recommendations, together with the Samsung Galaxy M40, Vivo Z1 pro, and Redmi Note 7 pro. Previously, the Vivo V15 pro ₹ 25,999 was the foremost cheap phone if you needed in-display fingerprint device additionally as a pop-up selfie camera, but now, the Realme X offers you all that and additional, at a lower cost.

If you do not mind the big size of this phone, then the Realme X offers a healthy set of options and smart performance, at a very competitive value.

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