Hello, everyone, we have with us truly wireless stereo earphones from xiaomi and it’s the Redmi Airdot.

Redmi Airdot

We have a pretty basic box here with the model number in the picture of the redmi airdots in the middle. The rest of everything else on the box is written in Chinese. The first thing we get is the case which also has both the earbuds inside. Then we get the user manual which is in the Chinese language.

Here we have a couple of earbuds which we definitely to try out and use the one which fits you best. So that’s all we get in the box and sadly there is no charging cable inside the box.

Redmi Airdot Introduction

We have the carrying case which is also the charging case for the earbuds. The builds quality is very good and like all other xiaomi products, it feels premium. The carrying case has a battery capacity of 300 million power and with the charging case. You can use the airdot for up to 12 hours in terms of physical overview. On the carrying case, we have the Mi logo on the top and there we have the micro USB port for charging.


So here we have the redmi airdots first thing I notice is that they are very compact and lightweight. The weight of each earbud but is just 4 grams. So I’m sure it will be really comfortable to use them and in regards to comfort. Both the earbuds have a physical button on the top which allows you to turn them off and on manually and it’s also a pause and play button. There is also one more function which is double-tap to call google assistant or Siri.

Redmi Airdot Design

Redmi Airdot

In terms of design, they look very similar to the xiaomi mini earbuds. Here we have a physical button on both the earbuds with the glossy rim apart from that in other features. you get a mic on both and the LED light which let’s know about the status while charging.


Redmi Airdot

You just need to place the earbuds inside the case and here you know it’s charging. The earbuds are magnetically attached. So you don’t have to worry about losing them while charging.


Redmi Airdot

In other technical detail, redmi airdots are ipx4 water-resistant which makes them splash-proof and connectivity wise they are Bluetooth 5.0. The performed in order to pair for the first time you’ll have to just press and hold the physical button. On both the efforts at the same time and then you will see the blinking LED on both the earbuds. So basically first both the earbuds will connect with each other. Then you will see only the right earbuds with the LED lights and after that, it will appear in the Bluetooth list of your phone.

Let me tell you the connectivity part is really simple and after the initial setup now. whenever you take them out the case they will auto-connected to your phone and disconnected when you put the earbuds back in the charging case.

Sound Quality

The first thing is comfort. the earbuds are really comfortable to use. For me, it was proper snug fit they had lightweight and comfortable toise and didn’t face any issue at all even using them for long hours.

Now coming to a very important part which is sound quality. First of all keeping in mind the price which is around 2,000 rupees. I was surprised at the sound quality. I find overall sound crisp and clear. There was no distortion at all even at high volume but don’t expect that much bass from them. So in terms of bass, it was just above average nonetheless. The overall sound quality for music and movies is pretty good. The volume was also louder than most of the other two wireless earbuds. I have tried in this price range and as mentioned.

These earbuds have a built-in mic in them. so you can also take calls in stereo but again the mic quality is good but not great.


Redmi Airdot

Xiaomi claims 4 hours of playback time but during our testing. I got in between 2 hours 30 minutes playback time at 80% volume which is also decent keeping in mind that you have a carrying case that allows you to charge them. You can easily use them for up to 10 hours and charging them from 0 to 100% full exist over an hour.

Summary of Redmi Airdot

So overall I find there at me airdots value for money. The builds quality is good design is perfect and the sound quality is pretty good keeping in mind the price. There was no connectivity issue and because they had lightweight and compact. They were very comfortable to use. The only issue I can think of is that there is no option to skip tracks. These earbuds only support paws and clay.


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