Redmi K20 Pro Introduction

The redmi k20 pro within the house. Yes, it is time to require a glance at the smartphone killer. This is often the phone you have got been looking ahead to. This is often redmi k20 pro suggests that new smartphone and it’s worth for cash.

Redmi K20 Pro Looks

So this is where the new Redmi k20 pro and all three variant colors of the phone.

Redmi K20 Pro

This is the striking glacier which is my favorite. This is the red radiant which also looks stunning and the classy carbon black waiting for people who don’t like things flashy.

I perpetually found the red and blue variant of the redmi k20 pro. A touch is tacky from the photos that I saw. However, trust American state after I say that head to head. They give the impression of being lovely this new end appearance superb. Once the lights fall on that and it’s simply completely different and lovely. This can be a glass mi style and it excludes premium plush tom is providing these cases with the redmi k20 pro and it feels super nice and theme.


Redmi K20 Pro

The redmi k20 pro features a 6.39″ super AMOLED show and it’s particular. I am glad to American state with AMOLED dominated with this phone. As a result at this value is simply wonderful. The colors look nice the black is de facto deep simply check up on the show with new eyes dark wood.


Redmi K20 Pro

If you are curious regarding the selfie camera it’s right here. Redmi k20 professional ahs a motorized pop-up camera and it makes weird sounds. Now, this pop-up camera has this light-weight on the highest. Therefore it additionally acts as a notification crystal rectifier.

This is cool however this far the pop-up camera will appear a bit slow to pop-up. Therefore if you are curious regarding fee well it doesn’t work just like the face unlock. you place the correct camera doesn’t-come back up mechanically. You have got to swipe up from the lock for the pop-up camera to slowly pop-up so face unlocks works. It isn’t as slow as I could be creating it sound however I can’t say it’s quick either.


Apart from that there varied sound effects for the correct camera’s. There this one by default I do not like that. there is additionally this one there is a ton of alternative sound effects. However, my favorite must be this gear sound that is pretty cool.

Fingerprint scanner:-

Redmi K20 Pro

Anyway, continually use the fingerprint scanner on board. The k20 professional in a very seven-information optical fingerprint scanner. It will appear pretty snappy. I mean it isn’t giant distinction from what you’ve got seen in alternative fools however snappy. 

Slots & Port

Redmi K20 Pro

Apart from that, the redmi k20 pro brings everything you would like there is the earphone jack on prime. So, For that, there is the one speaker here the USB C ports the twin SIM slot. There’s no microSD support. 

So there is that currently there is no wireless charging on an information processing rating. However, that is not one thing you expect from a phone during this value things. Particularly with redmi k20 pro giving most. 

Anyway, the purpose is that the redmi k20 pro feels like a premium smartphone. This can be a phone that appears smart, feels smart and it’s simply the correct size I do know. It is a glass phone.


Redmi K20 Pro

The redmi k20 pro design here is awesome but what makes this food truly special is what’s underneath on. The spectrum is a phone that can take on the smartphones out there.


Redmi K20 Pro

The redmi k20 pro packs in the powerful Snapdragon 855 chipsets with up to 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

Well, these are the top-line specs and it’s said to be complemented by a custom eight-layer graphite cooling technology. Now I’m yet to test out the cooling but I did rn a few benchmarks on the phone. As you can see the redmi k20 pro scores. I just right up there with the very best beat the one plus 7 pro or any other flagships.


When it involves real-world performance. I’ve solely used the phone in brief. However, it’s simply blazing quick everything on the phone feels super sleek and super snappy.

When it involves vice pubg mobile clearly runs on matched graphics and also the gameplay appearance sleek air. I conjointly contend as online on the phone and the once the sport runs fantastically on the device.

Redmi K20 Pro

All this from k20 pro comes with a usual Pine Tree State you attend and it’s got all the standard MIUI options. There is the dark mode that appearance impressive on this AMOLED show. It’s the navigation gestures that are basically well enforced.

Triple Camera:-

The next massive issue within the redmi k20 pro is the camera has triple cameras on the rear. It’s a  48 megapixels F.18 primary camera thirteen megapixels F .4 ultra-wide associate goes lens and an eight megapixels optical lens. Once this feels a like associate impressive set of cameras.

On the video front up redmi k20 pro comes 4k at sixtyFederal Protective Service supports. Thus that is wonderful thus do not expect super stable videos. Then there is this twenty megapixels pop-up selfie camera that is options like portrait mode and HDR.


The phone went from 10 to 50 percent in just 30 minutes with this charger. It’s decently fast but that was a good look at the redmi k20 pro.

Now I remember when the pocco went north last year. I was looking for that one flaw that won’t compromise. A charity must have made to keep the price of the phone’s so low But to find one now I can say the same for the redmi k20 pro.

Redmi k20 Pro Pricing:-

Redmi k20 pro starts at 2500 yuan in China that is around 25,000 Indian rupees. It’s simply unbelievable the items that build a tony pro pad for the trice. You get a premium category designed a bezel-less style and AMOLED show. The Snapdragon 855 processors, cameras that thus far appears extremely nice tight, battery with quick charging and every one of that for around 25,000 rupees.

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