So Xiaomi is all set to announce the redmi K30. It’s official that it’s gonna official dual punch-hole display. It is official it’s coming this December and it’s also official. It will feature 5g. Now some breaking information coming in from Xj that’s gonna blow your mind.

redmi k30

The xiaomi redmi k 30 with codename Phoenix has been spotted in the meanwhile eleven and Xiaomi is not playing games anymore. Starting things with the design confirmation this schematic shows k 30. We do eventually design and xiaomi is not using the in-display fingerprint scanner. They are using side-mounted fingerprints like the s10 e.

Now that’s cost-cutting for sure but I do like a physical scanner or the slow-motion in-display one. The xiaomi redmi k 30 will also feature a 120-hertz display that means the screen will refresh 120 times per second. XD aces you’ll get an option to switch between 60 Hertz and 120 hertz in the mean why 11. Now 120 Hertz is for sure gonna give you super-smooth experience but that’s also gonna eat battery. So I hope K 30 features at least 5000 mAh battery yeah that is necessary. For sure Xiaomi is also joining hands with Sony.

redmi k30

The redmi K30 is coming with Sony’s upcoming imx6 eight-six image sensor with the 60-megapixel lens. Sony China has been teasing this new sensor for a while now and you’re gonna see this thing in the redmi K30/Pro. A do capture the low-resolution image in comparison to the Samsung 64 megapixel camera but make no mistake numbers doesn’t matter the image quality will be on the next level. Xiaomi will also be using a 20-megapixel image sensor from Samson providing a shooter. So a combination of sony plus Samsung inside the k 30 / pro.

XGA says they can confirm this device coming to India cause they found codename Phoenix in and I think there will be a 4G model also cause 5g still under works in markets like India Philippines and more. Now some breaking information coming from China some last-second change of plans. Xiaomi may use Snapdragon 735 5g CPU. If this all comes true this will be a killer smartphone in the upper mid-range segment. For sure all these specifications sound amazing. So that being said we’ll get more information on this really soon.


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