So it’s been just a couple of weeks since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. But that obviously doesn’t mean that work isn’t already underway on next year’s flagship. The attention is already turning towards the Samsung Galaxy S21 and we have some details about the Ultra version of the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Samsung Galaxy S21

First up Ice Universe says Samsung has named the Galaxy S21 as Project U internally. Now what is exactly U here is anyone’s guess. But I was looking through comments of Ice Universe’s tweet and some people guessed. It could be under-display which could be possible.

The Galaxy S21 lineup is rumored to have the selfie camera under the display for that immersive look but we can’t say that for sure just yet. Ross Young believes that the Galaxy S21 lineup will retain the punch hole selfie camera and won’t have the under-display camera.

Samsung Galaxy S21 specs

The possible reason could be that the tech isn’t ready for mass production. The materials used are way too expensive and the yield rates are low. But before you get disappointed let me tell you that Ross Young doesn’t have a great track record. A lot of information he revealed earlier about the Galaxy Note 20 wasn’t accurate.

For example, the 17 times bigger ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, 16GB RAM as the base, and more. So I wouldn’t take his word for granted just yet. No disrespect to Ross, he’s also been right multiple times but I would believe the under-display camera is still on the cards unless the cat says so.

Samsung Galaxy S21 specs


Speaking of the cat, Ice Universe also says that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will also retain the 108MP camera like the one we have seen on the Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra albeit. It’s going to be the second generation sensor which means there will be some improvements. If you are wondering the laser autofocusing system will also be there on the S21. There won’t be a time of flight sensor just like Note 20.

The reason Samsung ditched the time of flight sensor after using it on the S10, Note 10, and S20. Due to the fact that it is not as powerful as a direct ToF sensor which has been exclusively reserved by Apple from Sony. Although Samsung hasn’t entirely given up on the concept of ToF sensors. For the time being, though they will watch Apple, how they will implement it on their iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy S21 camera resolution

Anyway, previous rumors also indicated that the Galaxy S21 will be one of the first phones to have optical image stabilization on the selfie camera. Apparently Samsung is testing out two camera modules for the S21’s selfie camera. One with a 48MP resolution and another with 12MP resolution. Not really sure which one they will end up with.

With that being said, there are also some rumors about the Galaxy S21. I think are too good to be true. The first one is the return of the headphone jack which I can say with almost 100% certainty that it will not happen. That’s just going to mess up their wireless buds business and it doesn’t even make sense to remove it and bring it back and potentially lose millions if not billions from their wireless earphone revenue.

Amd Radeon

The second one is this. There’s a rumor that Samsung will only use the 5nm Exynos 1000 with AMD GPU on the S21 Ultra. The regular S21 will get Exynos 992 with Mali GPU which again doesn’t make sense. If they wanted to use the 6nm Exynos 992 then they would have used it on Note 20. But they didn’t probably because the Exynos 992 doesn’t even exist.

In any case, the Exynos chipset next year should see a major makeover with the Cortex X1 CPU cores and AMD graphics. The Galaxy S21 is the first candidate to get this new and improved Exynos. The launch of the S21 will take place in February next year. So we will definitely come across some exciting new features for the device in the coming weeks, months.


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