Hey, what’s up guys this is someone from expert gadgets, and here are some amazing apps for your iPad. So without any further delay let’s get started.

1. Money Manager 365

Ever get in that situation where you think you’ve just got your salary and the very next week it’s gone. Well, I’ve been in that situation many times and I’ve always failed to keep track of what I’ve been spending on. But this app called money manager 365 helped me a lot and kept my spending habits in check. First of all, this is a free apps for iPad with no ads I think that’s about enough reason to download it. But if you need more convincing then here are some amazing features it has.

It has a very clean and intuitive UI where you can easily see your income and expenses on the home screen. You can easily add income and expenses and give remarks to what you spend on. Everything is color-coded so it’s really easy to differentiate. You can also switch between cash or your bank account to clarify things. Plus it’s got a free cloud service that auto backups your data to the cloud. So you don’t lose your data and my favorite feature the charts. Here you can see what you’re most spending on and get a different view on where to save your money. So overall it’s a very handy and important app to have.

2. Unsplash

This app has over 1.5 million high-resolution images brought to you by different photographers from around the world. You can also use the images for your website or for your work. Moreover, you can search for any particular type of image you want to say. So if you’re a photographer yourself you can upload your images too. Overall it’s a good app for wallpapers.

3. Walli

Secondly, we have wally while Unsplash has more real-world images with wally. We get illustrations abstracts and more the wallpapers are categorized into various sections as you can see and down below you also get the details.

4. Notability

This is probably the best note-taking app for students teachers and business professionals. This app has some quirky features that allow you to quickly search handwriting type text pdf text image text and note titles. Your notes are also secure because it uses face id and conversion to pdf happens on your device.

So the information stays private additionally you can replay audio recordings and tap anywhere on your note to hear what was said at that moment. So you can get more out of your lectures and meetings when you record them. You can also work with two notes side by side and can quickly switch between notes and drag and drop handwriting type text images etc and finally easily create searchable multi-page pdfs using the built-in document scanner.

5. Dolby on

If you want enhanced audio on your videos or audio files. This is the app to get so basically what this app does it’s whether you are recording a video or audio. It auto analyzes the ambient noise and post-processes it to enhance its overall quality.

6. Listel

With this app, you can get a daily digest on several topics. So it’s like news and stories turned into podcasts. So how it works is you can select the categories and authors you are interested in. As you can see here to get the related news and to know what’s going around in the world. You can browse through the headlines and listen to what may interest you. Furthermore, you can also create playlists as well which is a nice add-on.

7. Buildcores

This is an amazing app for pc enthusiasts or anyone wanting to build a pc and wants to compare various parts and components. To know the details about it so to create a build just tap here name it and start selecting your components. As you can see here once you are done you get the details about the pricing where to buy it and also the compatibility which is amazing. Furthermore, you can see the benchmarks and performance charts about various components that are really handy. Overall it’s a very handy app right now right when Nvidia has announced their new cards and everyone is out trying to build a pc.

8. Dumbbells

If you’re looking for a home workout app this is perhaps the best I’ve come across. It’s very simple effective and easy to use basically. You can choose the type of workout. If you want to do whether it’s bodyweight with added weights or just cardio after that. You can choose which workout plan suits the best for you. You can track your progress right from this app and also download other similar workout apps from the developer’s iPad.

9. Adobe Fresco

We all know the iPad is widely used for illustrations and design purposes. So for apple pencil, there is an app called procreate which is a paid app. But this app right here is the alternative to procreate it’s called the adobe fresco. You get all the regular illustrations tools and customizing options that you would get with the desktop version of the illustrator. The UI is very simple especially if you’re an adobe suite user for new users. You can also take a tour of the app to get insights and features. So all in all it’s an amazing free app for creating illustrations.

10. Color Widgets

We have color widgets now that the ios and iPad os support widget apps. You can add these colorful and attractive widgets to your home screen to display various information like battery percentage weather date day and more. So far this app offers amazing looking colorful widgets though the paid version offers more.


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