Wallpaper gives your phone a cool look in just a few seconds and download the HD wallpaper app on your phone computer or tablet. Let’s another know about your interest and personality. The wallpapers available these days some of them are eye-soothing and some can be used in a very creative way to make your phone home screen setup really beautiful. I personally use a kwgt widget a wallpaper and an icon pack to give my phone screen a new look every now. No doubt volley is still my favorite wallpaper app which i recommend to everyone and if you haven’t tried it yet then go ahead and check it out.


So the first app we have on our list is the tapet it is an old name for HD wallpaper app talking about the app. It’s one of its kind where you can generate automatically high quality wallpapers right on your phone. You can select a random wallpaper or let the app generate one for you hourly or daily the app supports swipe gestures where you can swipe right or left to change the pattern or keep the same pattern but a different color combination.

I have featured this app earlier as well and the reason it’s here again because of the high-quality wallpapers which are optimized for your phone’s screen resolution and this app is really simple to use you can see the available patterns here in the menu or just swipe to see a random pattern each time you can also enable a parallax effect in the settings which makes them even more beautiful there is also an option to auto change wallpaper after some time overall tape it is a wonderful wallpaper generation app which we definitely recommend you to download this HD wallpaper app and try it out.


The next app we have on our list is the AMOLED live wallpaper as the name suggests. It’s a live wallpaper for AMOLED screen phones. This wallpaper contains mostly black and this beautiful-looking animation and guys if you have an AMOLED screen phone then this is the wallpaper to download as. It’s a live wallpaper it looks beautiful when you scroll through different pages on your phone the best part is that this wallpaper is very well optimized and it doesn’t consume many resources of your phone but instead it allows you to save battery. Overall I personally use this wallpaper on my phone as it looks wonderful and soothing as well.


The next app we have on our list is creative is a wonderful personalization app which lets you find not only just wallpapers but a lot more so when you open the app you have the options such as wallpaper image editor ringtones and also home screens in the wallpaper section you have the latest wallpaper here first and most of the wallpaper you see here are wonderful and looks pretty good on the phone screen.

Apart from wallpapers, you have a good collection of ringtones as well as home screen setups in the home screen setups you can see the popular setups uploaded by other users and it has a detail of the app they have used for the wallpaper widgets and also the info body launcher and so on overall creative is a wonderful wallpaper app which offers a lot in a single app and as mentioned earlier there is also a built-in image editor and frame option by which you can create your own wallpaper according to your phone screen.


The next wallpaper app we have on our list is the material islands is a minimal and material design inspired semi-live wallpaper app. So in the app, you choose among several different unique but beautiful-looking minimalistic islands for your home screen, and once you select you will see the island on your home screen now. The unique thing about this wallpaper app is that the island you have selected will follow you throughout the day.

So in the morning, you will see the morning island warming up then it changes the color tone throughout the day. The wallpaper you see is rendered on your mobile which ensures a super sharp image, and also even though you have this semi-live wallpaper experience. It doesn’t drain the battery of your phone and it also has no impact on the ram overall I find the material islands a unique concept so do give this app a try.


The last best wallpaper app we have on our list is the backdrops with over 11 million downloads backdrops is a very popular app on the play store. I regularly use this app to find beautiful walls for my phone. This app comes with a very simple but functional user interface. So when you open the app you’ll be on the explore page where you will see the wall of the day on the top, as well as some trending wallpapers. Below the first page, is the community section where you will see the official wallpapers as well.

As the wallpapers uploaded by other users there are thousands of wallpaper in this section. To be honest, most of the wallpaper you’ll find here looks beautiful and are of good quality on the wallpaper page you can see the size and the resolution when you select the wallpaper. The only thing which I feel needs improvement in this app is the collection page where you will not find the categories.

Apart from just earth and be together. Overall backdrops offer good quality HD wallpaper app for your phone and we highly recommend you check it out and guys. After the volley, this app is my favorite app for wallpapers. So that’s it guys these were some of my favorite HD wallpaper app which you can download and try on your phone.


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