Top 5 Bluetooth speakers features

Are you searching for best Bluetooth Speakers beneath Rs 2000? during this post, we tend to area unit listing top 5 best Bluetooth speakers priced at beneath Rs. 2000 on Amazon. Bluetooth devices area unit the simplest selection for those that hate wires. Bluetooth speakers area unit wireless and intensely transportable.

Finding the simplest top 5 Bluetooth speakers beneath budget is a tough task, especially, with such a lot of brands and makers within the market. We’ve picked our favorites, at numerous costs, to assist steer you within the right direction.

Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers features

1. Amazon basics micro Bluetooth speaker

Top 5 bluetooth speakers

If your budget is a strict thousand bucks then this is the one for you. it’s got an upward firing speaker. it’s not very loud lack of bass but it should be okay for a personal listening indoors. Amazon claims a 10 hours battery life at 50 percent volume but considering that even at 100% the sound isn’t loud enough.

The speaker should last for about 7 hours at 100% volume before running. Out of choose pairing is the way you also have an auxiliary port for playing music from an external source. All that said what’s the USB of the speaker portability. It’s very small and lights just about 110 grams. So you never really have to think twice before taking it out with you speaking of which there’s a really good chance.

You won’t like taking it outdoors like I said this meant for an indoor experience for outdoor and noisy indoors you’re better off with the Amazon basics mini Bluetooth speaker.

2. Amazon basics mini Bluetooth speaker

Top 5 bluetooth speakers

This has got a more powerful internal three-watt forward-firing speaker and office stereo sound that the micro doesn’t but the trade-off here is portability. It’s a bit hefty at 178 grams and just like the micro. This has an auxiliary port and the same claim of 10 hours of battery life at about 50% volume.

In addition to all of micros features, this has got an internal microphone for hands-free experience with your smartphone. The base is a bit better on this but the overall sound quality is just satisfactory. At high volume, you can hear crackling sounds and on certain surfaces, the vibration from the speaker gets distributed.

All that said with decent sound and hands-free capability. this is a decent enough offering at 1600 bucks. Anyway if you want a loudspeaker the jbl go is a really great alternative.

3. JBL G0

Top 5 bluetooth speakers

JBL go costs about 200 bucks more it’s really but the bass is not great with this one either. Also at 100 % volume. There is minor distortion which cannot be found when set to about 80% volume but even at that level the JBL go can ease fill the room with sound.

JBL claims a battery life of 5 hours and surprisingly unlike with the other manufacturer claims this one delivers. In fact, I got seven hours of battery life impressive and just like the amazon basics mini Bluetooth speaker. It’s got an inbuilt microphone for hands-free phone calls. the sound quality from the phone call is great too.

One thing that I couldn’t find in the speaker that I previously mentioned is the build quality. It looks tough and rugged but it’s also really light weigh just about 136 grams and as you would expect. The JBL GO has also got an auxiliary port so the bottom line at about 1800 bucks. It offers as simple as that but if the lack of bass is a problem for you. I’d suggest you get the Mi Bluetooth speaker.

4. Mi Bluetooth speaker

Top 5 bluetooth speakers

the sound quality is great it’s got dual 36 mm driver and a separate base unit which deliver a good high and mids. the bass is heavy enough of all which makes for a great experience. It’s also got an auxiliary port and an inbuilt microphone for hands-free calling.

Top 5 bluetooth speakers
  • One unique thing about this speaker that I like a lot is that it tells you the amount of battery left when you press the battery button.
  • It’s prone to distortion had higher level especially evident when you watch a movie or tv show.
  • I cannot exactly call this a portable speaker it’s got a huge and heavy at 262 grams. The priced of this speaker is at 2500 bucks.

So these three cons made me place it second. So what comes first it must be a speaker that doesn’t have any of these three cons.

5. Logitech x100

Top 5 bluetooth speakers

Logitech x100 weighs about 159 grams all the basics feature like an inbuilt microphone and an auxiliary port but what it concentrates on the most is the sound quality. The bass is decent though not as good as any Bluetooth speaker it delivers great vocals, no distortion at high volumes, no crackling sound either.

The best part it costs just about 1,400 bucks with all these positive stakes and easily makes it to the top of the list. That’s it it’s not quite as loud as the mi Bluetooth speaker. Sure it’s great for the price but if you don’t want to settle on the loudness you should go for the mi Bluetooth speaker.

Basically, if music is your priority go with the mi Bluetooth speaker. If it’s movies or tv shows go with the X100.


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