Introduction to Vivo Z1 pro

Finally, we have the Vivo Z1 Pro phone that’s under 20,000 and at least on paper looks to be quiet. The value for money deals but is it really worth it in everyday use well. Vivo is a company that has been in India for a long time but the perception about we both changed with vivo necks. The vivo externally one the phones that really changed the face fo vivo as an innovative brand. Now vivo came out with the v Levin pro and the v 15 recently which were also quite good value for money phones.

Vivo Z1 Pro Design

Vivo Z1 Pro

The z1 pro is a typical vivo phone when it comes to design. Maybe it’s slightly wider chassis or the gradients. I can always tell a vivo phone apart the device is covered entirely with polycarbonate. The hands feel quite nice it’s big though and that is both a good and a bad thing depending on the person who’s using it.


Vivo Z1 Pro

This device from that I actually felt that this was too unwidely. Then again once it came to play pubg or observation picture show the dimensions felt sort of a boon. So, it will boil all the way down to personal preference.


Vivo Z1 Pro

The buttons square measure created out of plastic and whereas they’re quite clicky. However they blockage within the long haul solely time can tell you are doing get a third. Google assistant button a zealous button in the truth that in handy for somebody like American state who uses google assistant on every day. 

Fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner additionally sits quite well. Therein square defines and it’s quite quick yet that aforementioned the face analog is additionally no time. Therefore usually in most cases, it is a race between the face unlock. Therefore the fingerprint scanner on who comes initial except for you. As a user, your phone is going to be unbolted quite quicked nearly every occasion. 


All the i/o ports sit at very cheap of the phone here with fairly smart 3.5 metric linear unit earphone jack a small USB port. I hope we tend to all shift from presently and one speaker the one speaker is aiming the primary factor. I failed to fancy on the z1 pro as a result. Only if it’s targeted at play and multimedia system. It might are a small amount louder. It was additionally easier to muffle. Therefore I feel the speaker’s performance of the seventh row might area bit higher.


The sim slot may be a terrible slot style. Therefore, this implies you’ll be able to use 2 sim cards and a separate small SD card slot. The coil quality is additionally one thing that I favor. I’ve not had any decision drops and therefore the background signal cancellation is additionally quite smart. The network performance is additionally pretty smart on the Z1 professional.


We have a full HD and show touch half-dozen inches off the front with an in-show camera. Vivo has gotten pretty sensible with this place and this can be one is not any totally different. There’s no visible color shift nor did. I notice light-weight bleed, additional significantly, is spectacular however vivo has handled the bezels on this even around. That punch hole it will go along with a pre-applied screen preserved however removing that will improve the bit felt by plenty. the large show feels quite nice for taking part in games also.

I have to inform you that the large show helps plenty and that like enjoying it on his even professional over a smaller phone. even though I even have an additional powerful processor thereon simply because buy to check plenty of it on its larger show. The brightness levels are quite satisfying I used to be ready to see everything in direct daylight also.

Vivo Z1 Pro Performance:-

The z1 pro comes with a Snapdragon 712 chipset. This is a slightly tweaked version of 710. Now on paper 712 just has a higher clocked course that said it did result in some impressive benchmark. We’re the 710 had only a 150 key one and the Z1 pro screwed a 180 thousand which is also higher than the 675 and also based on purely benchmark scores. It is the second most powerful phone under 20,000.

The geekbench and 3d mark scores tell a similar story. The gaming performance on the device is also absolutely phenomenal every day used was quite fun. The seven one-two does fly through casual use. The phone also didn’t run too hard which is good considering. All I think the Z1 pro is quite the gaming phone for this price.


The frontal alternative from Vivo’s even professional is turning into a lot of and a lot of fun to the touch with new and new options whenever. We’ve got a replacement smartphone and this point is a dark mode. The Z1 professional features a dark mode and it’s system-wide dark wide. This one is not like the other mechanical man’s phone as a result of it gets the complete treatment. Once I say worksite is not the default apps or the UI that is a duck it’s third-party apps also.

So Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all of the, inherit the darker skin and this is something we have not seen in almost any other android phone. At least not by default saw this with ios 3 right now but on android, I think viewer did a pretty good job for people who like dark mode. About from that though the vintage OST is pretty much unchanged.

It’s built on the top of Android 9pie but you’ll barely notice the new Android version because of the heavy skin you have several modes.
Example:- The motorbike mode, The gaming mode on this even pro is also quite extensively laid out.

You have a different mode you can actually block your notification turn to an expert mode. Also the gaming performance of the phone as well. But the best thing is that for pubg users this phone actually has more features than others.
Example:- You have a sound localization training center. you have a special gaming assistant just for the pubg. You have any sport mode as well.

What that e-sport mode does is that?

Vivo Z1 Pro

It will close all the background apps so that you have maximum performance. They can also optimize the processor especially to perform to pubg.

It has screen bit improvement in addition. So it’s a lot of sense to your touches and you furthermore may have a sensible temperature rising strategy. Therefore, it’ll management the temperature of the phone. Therefore it does not get too hot and throttle you furthermore may get 4d game vibration for pubg.

So, after all, for the pubg user, you’ve got some special features. However, you are doing get an in-depth game mode within the z1 pro. In spite of the sport that you are taking part in another factor.

Software isn’t essentially concerning the performance was the gestures for the recent apps. Therefore the gestures square measure you’ve got to swipe from the lowest and hold for the recent apps to come back. The time was true quite a bit.

Vivo Z1 Pro Apps

The stock apps within the vivo Z1 pro. I believe some stock app that’s quite helpful which not many folks aware of regarding.

  • The notes app actually lets you encrypt your notes.
  • You can also record audio.
  • You can edit text with different sizes and fonts.

They can have a great deal of redaction and customization to the font. Furthermore, as a result of the notes app is mostly quiet borderline. Vivo has truly been providing a lot of things. You’ll be able to additionally produce the appliance of note and keep it on the house screen furthermore that is quite fascinating.

Triple camera

Vivo Z1 Pro
Vivo Z1 Pro

The z1 pro camera comes with a triple camera that got wind of at the rear includes a 16 megapixels normal lens and 8 megapixels ultra-wide lens and a couple of megapixels in-depth sensors. The front camera has 32 megapixels still.

Vivo Z1 Pro

About the image quality out of the 5 was even if. The primary spectacular issue is that the high lightweight management one thing that tons of different sensors and different smartphone cameras struggle. However, this one has managed to stay that in check. The main points are not necessarily mind-blowing. Additionally considering that you just do get some forty-eight megapixels sensors during this value very.


Finally coming back to the battery even true being a gaming-centric phone did not want an enormous battery within and large it’s the 5000 mAh battery is well awfully sensible size considering trade standards. The massive battery conjointly delivers on the promise and provides over a full day of battery life. This can be on slightly over casual use. On casual use, it’ll simply last you one and a 0.5 day. That aforesaid the 5000 mAh battery does not create the phone tick. It offers it a good looking heft that I like. I prefer my phones to own some heft. I do not just like the light-weight phone heaps which is why I prefer the vivo Z1 pro weight that comes thereupon 5000 mAh battery.

Vivo Z1 Pro

Also, get Vivo’s twin-engine quick charging with the z1 pro. So, you get 18-watt quick charging with the c1 flow. That topnotch that fighters a picture battery in concerning 2 hours.
It will desire slighter longer than different with quick charging. Also, contemplate that this can be a 5000 mAh battery.

Vivo Z1 Pro Pricing:-

The vivo z1 pro worth the price well within 15,000. The vivo z1 pro is probably one of the best phones available in the market looking at other phones out. There on the POCCO F1, of course, you have the better processor but I think apart from the processor. The vivo z1 pro s much better device.

Vivo Z1 Pro Review: Verdict

Overall, the Vivo Z1 pro could be a good performing artist at the value. If play is your main focus and you wish a phone that appears smart you are doing not ought to look from now on than this. However, if you’re trying to find a tool to click pictures might advocate that you simply take a glance at alternative choices just like the Redmi Note 7 pro or the Realme 3 pro.


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