How does DSLR Camera work and what makes it so popular?

DSLR camera means a digital SLR camera. So, what is an SLR camera? SLR means Single Lens Reflex Camera. In this way, the DSLR camera means a ‘digital single-lens reflex’ camera. Today DSLR camera is the most preferred camera of professional and amateur photographers in the world.

Dslr camera

To understand the DSLR camera, know the SLR camera as its basic form. The only difference between DSLR and SLR is the technique of photographing inside the camera. In DSLR, the image is made on the image sensor, whereas in SLR, negative film is used. So in this way, the DSLR camera is the digital avatar of the SLR camera.

What is an Image Sensor in Digital Camera?

In DSLR cameras, as you may have noticed, only one lens is required to take a photo. Hence it is called a Single Lens Reflex camera. Whereas, the cameras used before the invention of SLR were ‘Twin Lens’ type cameras.

They required two lenses to take photos – the first lens was used to view and focus on the subject through the viewfinder. The light passed through the second lens to the camera film. 

How Does DSLR Camera Work?

In an SLR / DSLR camera, all the tasks of viewing the object, focusing on it, and reaching the light to the sensor are done with the help of a single lens. That is, when we are looking at an object from the camera viewfinder, then we are looking through the same lens from which the photo is to be taken. And we are looking at the frame exactly as it looks at the lens. That is, the frame that will be formed after taking a photo will be the same as what we are seeing from the viewfinder. This did not happen in old-fashioned twin-lens cameras.

Dslr camera

Modern DSLR cameras use mirror mirrors and/or prisms for viewing and focusing on the subject. This is done with the help of a mirror and/or prism when we view the object from the viewfinder. For this, the camera has two small mirrors or mirrors. The light rays coming through the lens reflect through the 1st mirror (mirror) and fall on the 2nd mirror, and then reach our eyes through the viewfinder. Expensive DSLR cameras use pentaprism in place of the 2nd mirror, making the object appear a bit clearer.

The 1st mirror is placed right in front of the sensor and blocks the sensor. For this reason, the light rays coming from the lens do not reach the sensor until we press the shutter button. When taking a photo, the mirror lifts up for a moment as soon as the shutter is pressed. In this way, the light rises to the sensor as the mirror rises, and the image is produced on the sensor.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the merits of DSLR cameras. A major feature of DSLR cameras is their picture quality and low light performance. No other cameras are good enough to take good pictures even in low light!


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