Xiaomi recently launched the may stick in India for the price of 2799 now this stick comes with full-fledged android tv interface a familiar remote and your favorite streaming app such as Netflix amazon prime and youtube etc there’s no doubt this is a better deal than Chromecast but how does it compare with the previously launched Xbox 4k and more importantly how does it compare with the regular firestick.


Before we begin let’s start with the unboxing in the box you get the mi tv stake a USB to USB a cable a power adapter and a familiar-looking remote the box doesn’t contain the two aaa batteries that the remote requires which you get with the fire stick taking a closer look at my stick it looks almost identical to fire stick with the brand logo on one side and the hardware info on the other then there is also an HDMI connector on the front and a micro USB port on the side which you need to connect with the bundled cable to power on the device.


On the spec side of the thing, mi stick is powered by the chipset that has four cortex a53 cores with one gig of ram and eight gigs of storage. It also has Bluetooth 4.2 pretty much the same spec as me box 4k except me box 4k supports 2 gigs of the ram fire stick, on the other hand, has quad-core 1.3 gigs of processor and 8 gigs of internal storage and Bluetooth 4.1.

firestick tv remote

Now talking about the remote it’s the same that you get with midi v4a pro or even the mi box 4k. The remote has buttons to invoke google assistant a d-pad for navigation back home menu button volume controls etc. There’s also a dedicated button for Netflix and Prime video but then again there is no dedicated mute button however I like the fire stick remote better.

Although it doesn’t have the dedicated Netflix and prime buttons there is a power off and a mute button which is something I use more than Netflix and prime videos. Overall on the hardware side of the things, both fire stick and mi stick are pretty similar.

Let’s take a look at the software experience let’s plug this in you can power the device via the USB port on your tv or use the power adapter and here’s one thing I noticed. When plugging in me stick directly to the HDMI port on your tv. In some tv, there is not enough room for the other one in that case you have to use the HDMI extension cable.

firestick tv screen

Now Amazon provides one out of the box with a fire stake but Xiaomi doesn’t do that here. So you will have to buy it separately now when you power on mi stick and after the basic installation process, you will see the fully-fledged android tv interface just like you seen more expensive android tv box-like shield tv or me box 4k.

There is no difference in the UI which means Netflix prime videos youtube are installed out of the box and you can install any supported apps from the play store as well or even run android tv games like asphalt. Now if you compare the UI with a firestick. You will notice fire os put more emphasis on the video content.

Whereas android tv is more towards the apps I mean here is a side by side home screen of fire stick and mi stick and as you can see for yourself the fast stick fetches shows from prime videos and Netflix and show it on the home screen whereas android tv focus on various application I would personally prefer fire stick UI here reason me stick is not powerful enough to run apps more on that later however one major advantage me stick has over fire stick is the built-in Chromecast which works just like any regular Chromecast

Bluetooth Connection

So if you’re looking to cast content from your phone or even your computer that would work fine another good thing about me stick is the support for Bluetooth 4.0 so just as you can connect Bluetooth headphones for private listening on your me box and firestick you can also connect it here as well similarly you can also connect a Bluetooth controller to play games but is it powerful enough to play games while talking about the performance.

I tried to watch few episodes of the hunter from Netflix as well as casting it for my mac and it was a breeze however when I tried to switch between various applications there was certainly a lag there now do keep in mind this is coming from someone who is used to shield tv and apple tv but if you are using me stick as your first android tv you might not notice the difference and well gaming experience on mi stick well that was terrible I mean there were much fame drops on asphalt.

gaming experience

Now, this may be due to the fact that this only has one gig of ram for instance when I jump from game to the home screen the screen goes black for good 5 to 10 seconds. However, when I’m just watching Netflix or youtube it just works fine. However, there is one big caveat with mi stick in our testing it didn’t support the OTG cable like the fast it does which means a live firestick where you can connect your mouse USB drive or even air mouse which is a game-changer.

When it comes to typing mystic unfortunately doesn’t support that overall should you buy this well. Let’s break this down into two parts in the first part. We will compare the mi stick with the mistake 4k and in the second part, we will compare the mistake with the firestick.

  • So let’s start with the first part me stick makes more sense when the tv is not 4k and all you want to do is stream Netflix prime videos youtube etc. But if you want more performance like gaming or trying out different android apps then it makes sense to buy mi box 4k.
  • Now let’s come to the second part of the question if you compare the mistake with fire stick then both of them are on the same level when it comes to the performance side of the things that is both of them can play streaming apps at 1080p but when it comes to more of a tv apps games both of them are not just powerful enough.

However, I will still prefer a firestick over me stick as it supports OTG functionality and doesn’t lack as much as mi stick either way even mistake is a decent product for the price but just don’t expect too much out of it.


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