Exclusive new xiaomi mijia mini projector

Today we’re gazing the all-new xiaomi mijia media HD projector that simply goes to within the xiaomi store in china. In a box, we tend to get greeted by an associate degree instruction folder. You will find a projector itself and a box containing a foreign controller, 2 triple-A batteries and an influence adapter with a typical Chinese two-pin plug.

Xiaomi projector

Being solely 11.5 by 15 centimeters and consideration in at 1.3 kg. The projector itself appearance pretty cool and is absolutely quite beneath the front. You will find it’s projection lens and a camera within the bottom that used for its optical device on prime. You will find the on/off button and on the rear, you will find an influence input. For the nineteen volts device HDMI port USB three-port and eighty-2.5mm earpiece jack.

Xiaomi projector

On rock bottom, it’s got a typical mount to connect it to a rack. The within possess Associate in Nursing AM logic processor with a pair of 2 gigs of RAM and 8 gigs of flash storage. It’s got dual-band LAN supporting each a pair of 2.4 and 5 gig networks. It comes with integral audio supporting Dolby DTS audio encoding. It runs the humanoid based mostly mi tv software. That the same on their different projectors however additionally on the mi tvs and mi tvs boxes. 

Xiaomi projector

What makes this projector totally different is that it’s victimization light-emitting diode projection at five hundred lumens. It is capable of outputting a 1080p full-HD image creating. It is quite cheaper than they’re a lot of higher-end and better spect optical maser projectors. However with some huge compromises. 

The first time to turning it on you will be greeted with a setup screen wherever you’ll connect it to your LAN network. The enclosed remote management permits you to regulate it. However, once it’s connected and totally put in over LAN. To boot control it from your smartphone or tablet by using the mi tv app.


Xiaomi projector

Well, I have to say that the image quality is actually huge. That the projector is supposed to project up to 2m pictures and it will mechanically focus that is pretty cool. To boot, you cannot dive into the setting and fine-tune the main target manually. If you wish and you’ll additionally choose a project the wrong way up if you have got it mounted to the ceiling.

Xiaomi projector

Ex:- The image is actually quite bright for the sort of projector. I used to be quite affected with the standard as had a lot of lower expectations. Once moving it around during space and can mechanically readjust the main target that is additionally extremely convenient.


The audio isn’t the best possible however it would be loads higher than you would possibly expect it. It’s got this set micro USB port for power. It will connect over a pair of 2.4 rates wireless local area network associate degreed. You’ll be able to optionally connect it to an externals system over its mini-jack output that will provide some flexibility within the audio field. There area unit many ways to attach associate degree external input to the projector. You’ll be able to connect any supply over HDMI that additionally supports downscaling of 4k video. You’ll be able to attach a dry four USB keep on with the projector over the USB three-port and cargo pictures and videos directly from the drive. To boot, you’ll be able to connect a wireless supply to stream your portable computer, phone or pill screen to the projector in addition. This support each humanoid in addition as airplay for macintosh os or ios devices in addition. 

Also terribly convenient is that the choice to connect a mouse or a keyboard or maybe a game controller to the projector over each USB or over Bluetooth from the CEG’s. You’ll be able to additionally regulate a keystone if the projector or your wall is slightly inclined to regulate the pictures consequently. The interfaces of the projectors are incredibly just like the mi tv or the mi tv boxes and if you are at home with any those. You’ll acknowledge this promptly pretty sweet is that the choice to install extra apps.

Additionally, if you happen to be settled in china you cannot stream from native video platforms in addition. It additionally permits you to use the mi home app from the projector to observe and management your xiaomi good home devices. Therefore I need to say that the additional budget-friendly HD projector stunned. It’s quite a bit higher than I had expected it’d be and its output is very sharp and bright. The scale is convenient and that I like however little its. It’s virtually equipped in terms of ports and options and it had been superb to check that you just might amendment the os language to English.

Xiaomi projector Pricing

For now, the xiaomi mijia projector you medico is merely formally free in china. Therefore, doesn’t go with google app pre-installed. However, as I will show it quite straightforward to put in these sings a USB drive. It is pretty sensible in addition this additionally comes with xiaomi shall I for voice control however sadly, that solely supports Chinese. It is also nice to check a stand mount on the lowest that is incredibly convenient if you place it within the center of your area. The factor that fazed most is that often once you begin the projector it’ll show some ads. It does not do that once every single startup however it will generally happen in china. The xiaomi mijia projector came to enter a xiaomi store for $26.99 ren-min-bi that is regarding 391 US dollars or 350 euros. If you are inquisitive about obtaining it. I have a place down some link below the articles wherever you’ll be able to check it out.

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