Xiaomi is all set to launch the mi 10 and mi 10 Pro and meat NSC a few weeks back. I told you guys these smartphones from Xiaomi will feature a punctual design and Xiaomi is joining hands with Samsung for the high refresh rate curved display for these smartphones.

Now some information coming in from China the mi 10 will use a single punch hole. Mi 10 Pro will use a dual punch-hole design. Single punch hole means a single selfie shooter while dual punch-hole means the main camera and a depth avoiding a lens there is no information.

This leaguer also says Xiaomi meet and features 5000 or 4,800 mAh battery. I hope it is later cuz previous leaks say 4500 and along with ninety-hertz fresh rate we meet and is for sure gonna need a huge battery. The Xiaomi meet and prosper previous information is coming with 120 Hertz display in a 5000 mAh battery.

mi 10 pro

So this is about the flagship mi 10/Pro coming with the snapdragon 865 CPU and of course high refresh rate. But for those who want to spend less and are waiting for the redmi note 9 a major leak for you. All xiaomi is working on a new redmi smartphone which is gonna feature a center punch-hole design.

mi 10 pro

So xiaomi is all said to compete against Samsung galaxy M31, A51 with the same symmetrical center hole design and xiaomi has always is using LCD cause of cost-cutting. So displays where xiaomi may lose to Samsung but in terms of design and performance.

They may give a tough competition to the competitors for sure again this is initial information. You can subscribe for more news on the redmi note 9 and note 9 pro. Finally majorly coming in for those who want an ultra-budget smartphone from xiaomi.

The redmi 9 is coming with 6 points 6 inches just play with a drop. They are not using the hole punch display in this one. Now in terms of the specifications leaks are the redmi 9 features Helio g70 CPU which is somewhat equivalent to the Snapdragon 439 and there’s gonna be four gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of internal storage.

mi 10 pro

So that’s all guys a huge army wave coming inmate and mate and pro and meet NSC. The flagship great design and features redmi note 9 with LCD panel and center punch-hole display and the redmi 9 within notch and MediaTek g70 CPU.

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