hey what’s up its week Xiaomi has just announced this insanely looking transparent OLED tv in Beijing and uh is it any good. Well let’s find out now let’s go,

Xiaomi transparent tv specificationSo this tv was on display in the Xiaomi store on the Xiaomi campus in Beijing where I got an actual look at it. But first let’s look at its specs it’s a 55-inch display which is quite nice and it’s only 5.7 millimeters thick and as you can see that is just the thickness of a cigarette which is really quite insane. It’s got a 120-hertz refresh rate and a full HD 1920 by 1080 pixels resolution 178 degrees viewing angle and a 120 degrees chromatic viewing angle. The base serves as a stand the speaker and it’s got all the internal hardware.

It’s got three gigs of memory 32 gigs of flash storage and a quad-core a73 CPU. It’s got a very nice stereo speaker setup with 8-watt speaker drivers and support for many codecs including several Dolby and DTS audio encoding in the base. You’ll also find its 3 HDMI ports av port 3.5-millimeter audio out two USB 2.0 ports ethernet and optical audio port. It’s also got wifi supporting both 2.4 and 5 gigahertz networks and it’s got Bluetooth 5.0 and it runs miui tv Xiaomi’s patch wall operating system.

Xiaomi transparent tv

So this tv is definitely going to be a hype but how good is it in use well in the store. I got a good glimpse of how this tv works and what it looks like and it’s looking really amazing. It’s something very spectacular to watch in real life. It’s really crazy the resolution is not really all that bad even though it’s just 1920 by 1080 pixels. It looks good when it’s turned off it does blend in the environment well and it just looks crazy like an almost like a glass plate and i got to check out the audio and the audio was actually very impressive and it sounded really really good.

But there’s also definitely a few butts. the screen has definitely got quite some glare to it and well it’s transparent. This becomes quite obvious when you stand behind it for certain vibrant colors. It’s really not all that bad like here with this blue color for example but on pure white or pure black colors it becomes a lot more obvious. So you can see especially in the darker areas.

Xiaomi transparent tv eye catcher

Here it’s harder to see but it is slightly transparent which i mean if you have like a black wall or a white wall behind it. It should be okay it’s not there yet but close i mean this looks cool but i look like i can actually grab. I can actually grab this guy at the time of me checking it out they only played the demo content and that’s got this butterfly on a pure black background and there you can really see that in this image when i’m standing behind it i’m really kind of in the screen trying to catch the butterfly.


So there are three things that I want to point out:

  • First is that it looks amazing when you see it in real life. It’s really impressive. It’s really an insane eye-catcher when you see it for yourself.
  • Second is that it will work a lot better when you place it in front of a pure black wall maybe 50 grays would even be a good compromise to get the best results and,
  • Lastly, well who would this tv be for well as Xiaomi is the first company to actually commercially release such a transparent tv. It’s something totally new.

 tv pros cons


So I think it would be for early adopters and people that either has a very impressively designed house and they want a tv that’s almost like an art piece in the space. It also might be very cool for some tech company that wants something that is an eye-catcher. In the meeting rooms when receiving clients and lastly this could be an amazing piece for your sci-fi movies. As it really does look like something from the future and I can totally imagine this would work amazingly with some crazy futuristic UI designs on it.

I can really see that work so what do I think well. I had an hour with this tv in the store where there are super bright lights. There are some outside lights even though they did close the store entirely gave me full access for an hour which was super amazing. You can definitely see some glare and it is well transparent. But it’s the innovation it’s high tech it looks like an amazing eye-catcher. It’s something fresh and new and design with just that foot and a basically a floating glass plate. The way they work this one out is just great.

Xiaomi tv price

However, like I said it does have a lot of glare it’s not a hundred percent perfect as it does have some transparency. Even when it’s turned on but I’m sure they will just keep on developing this technology in the years to come and this tv is proof that Xiaomi is surely working to get new and innovative products out on the market and that by itself is just exciting.

I know and I’m sure Xiaomi knows this tv is not for everyone but the handful of people that really want this crazy tech. It’s actually here the Xiaomi transparent OLED tv is coming out in China for around 50,000 Renminbi which translates to around 7,000 us dollars or 6,000 euros. So it does come with quite a hefty price tag but if you can’t afford it and this is exactly what you want to like something impressive.


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